Free Mic for anti-frackers

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Hear the grannies and the mums take on the frackers – and the kids.  They’re coming out on the street and speaking out on loud speakers to get their point across.  Here are local people, in growing numbers holding up the permanent destruction of their environment, by blocking gates and roads, with lock-ons, slow marches, and just sheer numbers of people willing to turn out.  Listen to what they say.  Admire the fact that people still have a voice, and have the guts to get out and state what they think.  They all voted for fracking to be stopped in their area.  The Councils voted to stop fracking.  The government overruled that democratic decision.  Here is the result.  Lancashire is taking to the streets.  Let them tell their own stories.

Picture form an earlier anti-fracking campaign in Sussex.  Video above is from Lancashire today.

Later on –

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