Families against fracking

Fantastic turnout at Preston New Rd.  More and more people turn out to stop the destruction of the environment by frackers.  Water, air and soil will be polluted beyond repair.  Future generations will never experience what it is to drink clean water free, and breathe air that tastes good.  This is the line that must not be crossed, and hundreds if not thousands of people are getting off their butts to stop this environmental crime, fully supported by Theresa May and her government, from being committed.

‘As a family that’s from here, this is the last line of defence.’

Check out today’s powerful blockade at Preston New Road as three generations of a Lancashire family took action together to stop fracking in its tracks. Massive love and respect to the Kelly’s and everyone who supported their action today!

There’s still time to get involved in the Rolling Resistance month of action:reclaimthepower.org.uk/fracking

#FamiliesAgainstFracking #RollingResistance


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