Fake Race War: Antifa = American ISIS

Fake Race War: American ISIS
I know, TAP views Trump with a great deal of scepticism; controlled puppet etc. I’m keeping tabs on the Trump camp… energy flows where attention goes… I’m holding out for a pleasant surprise or two. Blind optimism? Hey, when Trump goes clearly pear shaped, I’ll call it out.
However, watch the intro to the following video as Mark Dice presents a few extraordinary clips of Cooper Anderson, Don Lemon & co decrying Trump over his reaction to Charlottesville in the most ridiculous unbalanced way…
Roger Stone Interviews Mark Dice & Discusses Attempts to Delegitimize Trump

Then check out the eternal optimism of Bill Mitchell. Sure, they make reference to stuff we at TAP suspect is inaccurate, such as perpetuating the myths of WWI & WWII, but, they are correct to counterbalance the truth inversion of the corporate media. Bill Mitchell has relocated to Florida to establish a serious media platform that is not intended to be balanced, but is intended to give balance to the extreme bias of the Collectivist corporate media.
YourVoice™ America (8/17) “Media Embraces Antifa!”
Joey Mannarino was in Barcelona.
Trojan Horse refugee situation.
Hey BBC – George Soros?!
Germans have been brain washed because of the Hitler thing…. absolutely. Right is bad, Left is acceptable.
People have succumbed to a terrorism of the mind.
Antifa – they accuse you of what they are doing themselves.
As a result of Charlottesville, the US mainstream media, and I might add Theresa May, have embraced Antifa.
Bill Mitchell: I disavow the KKK. I challenge anyone in the mainstream media to disavow Antifa.
Charlottesville was white guys fighting white guys basically – what race war?
John McCain, Mitt Romney, you are American ISIS.

The BBC automatically presents the images and sounds of fear. messages of condolences for loved ones and solutions including more security and surveillance.
Some basic stuff the BBC fails to address when analysing e.g. Barcelona…
01 Operation Gladio https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Gladio
02 The €U architects intend an homogenised superstate
03 Are these attacks really by independent authentic terrorists?
04 Is there any suspicion of organised, mind controlled operatives, agent provocateurs or false flag activity?


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