Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

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Net angels rush to help Gordon:

Gordon is going to be fine.
He’s being remote healed by angels per Grumpier’s “Angel Help” thread at GLP.
You may think this is bollocks until you read the testimonials on that 125+ page thread.
100% success rate from all over the world!
They took his case on instantly. Lucky Gordon!
Mr Dude in comments.

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes


4 Responses to “Energy Flows Where Attention Goes”

  1. Gordon says:

    How strange, how odd that you NPP should do my name exactly as I sign it and that I was released from hospital today around the same time of your post. I knew nothing of this because for the past week I had no Internet connection in hospital.
    I’ll need to stay with my daughter for some weeks and haven’t decided how to work round immediate problems as yet. In the meantime I wish to thank you one and all, near and far, from the bottom of my heart for your heart felt thoughts, prayers and best wishes for my recovery.

  2. NPP says:

    Angels Gordon?
    I assure you you it was spontaneous on my part.
    The Donald just called me on his so beautiful, very beautiful, golden dog ‘n’ bone and says welcome back! Honest guv!

    Well done. Good comment!!

    • Gordon says:

      Ah, angels, my beautiful friends, how often they’ve helped me through my life. Sometimes instantly with the cry of my voice and other times I have to wait. Waiting exercises faith, but what is faith? Well, that’s another story for another day but getting back to Angeles of the heavens, there are indeed stranger things in heaven than on earth, Horatio, and nothing new under the sun. When you come to see, understand and accept these simple truths then you have stepped onto the “way” the path of knowledge and truth.
      It isn’t strange for me to tell you then that all my life I have been knowingly surrounded and protected by the hand of God. Oddly enough, from an early age I was given a nickname by my brother who didn’t realise the meaning of the word which he bestowed upon me even though his intended connotation was entirely different. It wasn’t until many years later I happened upon the same name in the Bible and cross referenced it in Strong’s concordance. The actual name in Hebrew means, “of the heavens” which I confirm by admitting that my head is often in the clouds…. But my feet are firmly on the ground!
      God knows, the doctors know and I know that I should be dead but by the grace of God and under the loving and watchful eye of my protecting angel It is clear to me that they have a job for me to do for a while longer, after which I can go home.

      • NPP says:


        I frequently joke with a friend the other side of the pond whom I have not seen in years, and as Capt. Mainwaring would say,
        “Carry on Wilson!”

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