Drowning The Fake News About Hurricane Harvey

Published on Aug 30, 2017

Texas and the US have just experienced the quietest decade on record for hurricanes. Finally we get one, and academics who depend on climate funding predictably blame “climate change”

Whether it gets hotter or colder, they’ll blame you, tax you, and take away your rights for it. “For your own safety.” Here in Holland they’ve been pushing the “melting permaforst” fear again lately. Earth will explode if it gets 1 degree warmer. Why it didn’t explode during the Minoan warming or the Roman warming doesn’t seem to matter. Because facts don’t matter when there is a long planned agenda being pushed down our throats, and when the brainwashing of fear-based propaganda has been so massive. “In order to save humanity, we must enslave humanity.” – The inbreeding elite


1957 hurricane Audrey exactly 60 years ago swept through Texas ( give or take two months ) 60 year cycle strikes again ?

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