Corbyn, Grow Some, Support Open Discussion & A Trump UK Visit

Corbyn, Grow Some, Support Open Discussion & A Trump UK Visit… this is my on-going campaign for the cessation of victim-hood and the freedom to use any and all audio-phonetics. Of course we should invite Trump to the UK. I love Trump’s Tweets; I love the way he so unsettles the presstitute £3.7billion taxpayer funded BBC; the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation.

This is a Tweet from Corbyn; the luvvie of Glastonbury Greenies & Collectivists….

I bet 16-1 for Corbyn to win the UK election and lost. But, it was closer than the BBC told us it would be. I back Corbyn because unlike Obomba Clinton Cameron Bliar NATO €U et al, he is not a war monger… yet!

Corbyn appears to be an unusually good chap by Westminster standards, he doesn’t even violate children, which makes a change. Melanie Shaw! Ring any bells Theresa? Any chance of releasing her Theresa?

But, Corbyn’s Tweet demonstrates what a bunch of twerps they all can be including the bearded one…

Corbyn, your own brother knows man made climate is a political ideal, not accurate irrefutable science. Your own brother says that to merely create the battery for an electric car generates as much Co2 as 8 years of driving a petrol car. Your own brother knows that wind machines are inefficient and bird killers.
Free Speech BANNED at “Green Gathering”

I challenge man-made climate change fear mongers to offer anyone to debate Jeremy’s brother Piers live, unedited on the subject of climate science. Jeremy Corbyn and Donald Trump can also watch and Tweet about the discussion. It’ll make money Donald – do a deal with Jeremy; he can fund a bugger my purple scissor-sister and save the non-binary genders of the world club. That’s my sense of humour, if perhaps not yours.

Hate crime? Thought crime? Meeting Slick Willy on an aeroplane runway to do a save the Clinton’s deal? One rule for you, another for me….
LORETTA LYNCH Calls for ‘Ordinary People’ to March, Bleed and Die Again – 022817

…. is she inciting violent conduct or am I misunderstanding?

P.S. Rosie O’Donnell, Steven Colbert, John Oliver… comedians? Politically correct snowflake twerps.


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