CNN tries to resurrect Russia collusion fake news. Gets crushed on social media

Jim Acosta tried to shift focus from Harvey to Russia.



In an effort to move away from reporting on Hurricane Harvey, and President Trump’s excellent handling of the natural disaster, CNN’s Jim Acosta decided to revert back to fake news Russia collusion.

Acosta sent out a tweet Wednesday, “CNN: The Kremlin confirms it received Trump attorney Michael Cohen’s email about a Moscow real estate deal.”

Twitter users called out Acosta for his stupidity, and properly diagnosed the CNN stooge as having an incurable case of Trump derangement syndrome.

Via The Gateway Pundit

Acosta is referring to a non story where Trump’s lawyer sent an email to Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov about a real estate deal in Moscow that went UNANSWERED. Of course Jim Acosta forgot to mention that. What law is Trump’s lawyer breaking? How does this unanswered email even create a news story? Well, if you’re a fake news organization like CNN that spent countless hours pushing a Russian conspiracy, you will hang onto everything as long as the word ‘Putin’ or ‘Russia’ is in the story. Pathetic.

Jim Acosta has Russian fever. There are Russians under every bed. He sends out a tweet and of course liberals being the stupid lemmings they are believe this is the ‘smoking gun’ to have Trump not only impeached, but thrown in jail.

The Washington Examiner reported:

A top spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed Wednesday he received an email from a top executive at the Trump Organization last year asking for assistance in jump-starting a stalled real estate deal President Trump’s company was pursuing in Moscow.

“This email said that a certain Russian company, together with a certain individual, is pursuing the goal of building a skyscraper in the Moscow City district, but things aren’t going well, and they asked for help with some advice on moving this project forward,” Peskov told reporters. “But since, I repeat again, we do not react to such business topics — this is not our work — we left it unanswered.”

Twitter users bashed Acosta for focusing on Russia when he should be reporting on Harvey and Houston…



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