Charlottesville hoax or false event? You decide.

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Full coverage of the car attack in Charlottesville this weekend. Is it a hoax or a false flag, or did this event happen the way they say it did?

You get to decide.

Taking calls.

Nathan Stolpman on Lift The Veil Too.

Also from Aangirfan


A vehicle ploughed into a crowd of protesters after events around UniteTheRight.

A car ran into a crowd in Charlottesville, in the USA.

A man was later arrested.
The ‘patsy’ is James Fields.

‘James Alex Fields (second from left) was with the Vanguard America folks in#Charlottesville.’

James Fields’ mother is Samantha Bloom.

In 2015, James Fields was on active duty status with the US Army.

Samantha Bloom raised James Fields alone as a single mother after his father died.

Samantha is a paraplegic.

As a child, James was a quiet boy with few friends.

James Alex Fields, Jr. : 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know –

Who was driving that car?

‘Driver has been arrested.’ #Charlottesville

A 4chan user wrote:


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  1. Bevernbridge says:

    Staged. Organised. Allowed to happen. False Flag.

    File under Sybil Fawlty’s specialist subject …

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