BS = Belief System

Bruce Lipton: The Paradigm Shift (NEW JULY 2017)

I’ve long been a fan of Bruce Lipton. I’ve bought his books and his ideas have influenced my approach to life and health. It’s always pause for thought when people you have long admired say apparently stupid stuff…

His Arab Spring comments? Inferring it was an organic uprising? How about outside influence by e.g. George Soros and foreign state intelligence agencies?
22 mins in… ‘nothing nice to say about Donald Trump’? Bruce, he’s at least not her! How about his sensible disdain for vaccines? How about his common sense on the Marxist Paris climate change agreement?

We evolved from amoeba? Did we? Dinosaurs? Are dinosaurs a signed done deal? I know they are a given, but are they? How about Forbidden Archaeology by Michael Cremo?

Fossil fuel? Is it? or is it just a label coined 1892 at an organic substances science conference?
Wind machines? Oh please, save it for the global warming fear mongers. Do wind machines require power grid engine start-up?

A paradigm shift? Yes, evolving my evaluation of Bruce Lipton’s thinking. Oh well, all things change.
My body does not have to be a Collectivist model Bruce.
Trump destroying the old structure? May be. I can relate to this.
Darwinian theory? Who gives a damn about the fittest winning out? I agree.
Nature doesn’t care about the individual? Nature cares about the whole? Hmmm.
NASA Bruce? Oh yeah, let’s trust them; Never A Straight Answer…..

BS? BS = Belief system? Good one Bruce. I like this.

“I consider myself to be a spiritual warrior. I love a challenge…” says one of the interviewers. Isn’t that an example of BS?

26mins in…
The field: invisible moving forces that influence the physical world. Interesting idea.

Quantum physics is taking us out of the Darwinian competitive nightmare – everything is one, everything is unity…. interesting, though I sometimes wonder about the ‘we are one’ theory.

38mins in…
We’ve been here before, we’ve died out and we’ve had to come back. OK, so explore Michael Cremo’s work and others.
Gobeklitepe: they covered an entire city under a mountain? Er, a city Bruce? A mountain? A pot-belly hill perhaps. An advanced civilisation? An aware community perhaps. How advanced we don’t know. Is ‘advanced’ relative?
Our thoughts can be perceived by monitors outside our head. We are tuning forks vibrating. Enough coherence among a critical mass can make a difference.
The field is the sole governing agency of the particle

I continue to recommend Bruce Lipton’s Biology of Belief:


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