Brexit traitor arrested – in Greece!

This all looks a bit odd.  James Chapman proposed a week ago that Britain needed a new anti-Brexit party.  First question – who is James Chapman?  Former PR adviser to David Davis.

The reason he gave being that the Conservatives would never be re-elected as they are backing Brexit which he claims is becoming unpopular.  Any evidence James?

His background is not too encouraging.  PR, Pottinger and so on.  He was David Davis’ aide, the Minister charged with delivering Brexit by Theresa May.

Chapman abandoned ship pretty quick and is now a turncoat.

Next up, he’s been arrested by the Greek Police.

At this point there’s nothing given as to why.

The Brexit game is a battle between different parts of the global elite.  Chapman’s managed to get on the wrong side of someone with some serious connections.  Let’s see how this all unfolds.

Chapman on left as part of Britain’s Brexit frontline.


Ex-Tory aide James Chapman: Conservatives will never win power again because of Brexit In friendlier times: James Chapman (left) with David Davis (Photo: Getty) In friendlier times: James Chapman (left) with David Davis (Photo: Getty) Richard Vaughan Richard Vaughan 1 week Friday August 11th 2017 The Conservative brand will be so tarnished by its support of Brexit it will never win a majority again, a former Tory advisor has warned. James Chapman, who was chief of staff to Brexit Secretary David Davis, said the Tory party had been taken over by “extremists” in its pursuit of a “hard Brexit”, and would suffer a backlash from voters. Mr Chapman, who left Whitehall this year, also revealed that at least two members of the Cabinet have expressed an interest in his plan to set up a new political party that would oppose efforts to take Britain out of the EU. Never get a majority “The Conservative brand has been damaged to such an extent that the party won’t be elected again and ever again get a majority,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. The hard Brexit plan being pursued by Theresa May was going to “take our economy off the cliff and make Black Wednesday look like a picnic”. “When that happens the the Conservative Party will never be in power again,” he added. Mr Chapman, who was political editor of the Daily Mail, has called for a new party to be established, called the Democrats, which he says has attracted interest from both Tory and Labour frontbenchers. Tory MP and leading Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg rubbished the idea of a new party, claiming Mr Chapman was attempted to overturn democracy.

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