Four more years in Afghanistan. Maybe eight more? Or how about another sixteen? If the deep state has its way, it may never end, even if it ends up costing trillions. This last week, Trump caved to the war-mongers, against his better instincts, opting for more endless war. The Soviets at the very least were smart enough to leave in the 80s, but the Americans seem to enjoy losing bigly.

Meanwhile, the Russians are showing what a real military strategy looks like. The Syrian war is pretty much over. De-escalation zones are up and running. ISIS is on the run and its territory dwindling by the day. And the rebels have all joined together for one last hurrallahu akbar, finally effecting that “un-mingling” of moderates and terrorists. This is what happens when you have clearly defined goals, and an actual military strategy. Maybe America could learn a thing or two from the Russians.

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