BBC: Trump Is A Racist? Grow Up BBC! Sue Them Donald!

There Is no Nazi Party In America
Trump is not a Nazi!
The BBC call Trump a racist week in week out.
Sue the BBC Donald!

Patrick Henningsen has discussion with Gilad Atzmon and Jay Dyer. Hey BBC, try listening to discover what decent discussion is!

Episode #199 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘Trigger Warning: ID Politics’ with Gilad Atzmon and Jay Dyer

This week we deliver another LIVE broadcast from the UK, as SUNDAY WIRE host Patrick Henningsen is joined by two incredible guests to discuss the disturbing political situation in America. In the first hour we’ll be joined by artist and the brilliant and controversial best-selling author and internationally acclaimed jazz artist, Gilad Atzmon, to discuss Charlottesville and the problem of Left vs Right identity politics in the West, as well its roots in Jewish ID politics, and how society might be able overcome the downward spiral it currently finds itself in. In the second hour we’re joined by author and analyst, Jay Dyer, from to talk about America’s new culture wars and why Leftist activists are now pulling down statues across the country and how this might accelerate to more censorship and ceremonial ‘book burning’ activities. In the final segment, we hear a thought-provoking interview with an American man who managed to turn from hating all Muslims to adopting a more open-minded, civil approach to dialogue – proving that communication is the key to conflict resolution.

George Soros’ Open Society pushes truth inversion, the idea of slavery, black versus white, biological identity.
Instead of Americans identifying themselves as American, the Antifa mind set pushes identity politics e.g.
as a gay
as a black
as a woman
It is pushing sectarian divide – divide and rule; it is oppressive identitarian politics.
It is NOT a celebration of diversity as it pretends to be. Indeed, Soros and Antifa promote prejudice.
Antifa reflects the red terror of the Bolshevik revolution which was funded via Wall Street. It is cultural Marxism.
The cultural Marxists who left Germany c.1933 went to Columbia University, New York.
Gilad Atzmon talks about the insight he’s gained from reading works by Kevin MacDonald and David Duke.
These identity politics categories are dehumanising.

Gilad goes on to say Hitler identified individuals by biology. Today, these anti-Trump type ‘leftist’ bimbos identify themselves by biology.
David Duke is not part of the ‘Alt-Right’. He has been aligned with it by CNN and the BBC.
USA 2017 is paralleling 1933 Germany whereby a 2% Jewish population dominate the culture, politics and banking.
The US is peppered with Holocaust museums; they are not history, they are religion and dogma.

This is an example of appalling BBC programming…
Peter Allen and Jane Garvey take an in depth sideways look back at the past seven days and look ahead to what will be making headlines next week.
The personalities making the news come under the microscope in Good Week Bad Week. Tonight’s panel includes associate editor of the Daily Mirror, Kevin Maguire, the Telegraph’s Brexit editor, Asa Bennett, and Amy Grier, features editor at Cosmopolitan.
And finally, who was the man immortalised in the statue anti- racist campaigners in Charlottesville want torn down? We hear from a descendant of General Robert E. Lee and how she thinks modern Americans should view her ancestor.

About 20.07hr I heard them say,
“Trump is a racist…”
“He’s a racist…. he’s a racist for political gain.”
It is stated this way week in week out and has been for months.

Donald, why don’t you take legal action? The BBC accuse and slander you just about every day.

I see parallels between Corbyn and Trump. This week both parted company with Sarah Champion and Steve Bannon respectively. I suspect that in both cases the relationships remain good, both left by mutual agreement and will return. It seems Bannon resigned 7 August and was not fired.

Man Stabbed by Antifa For Having Short Haircut



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