Antifa: America’s New ISIS

As Bill Mitchell says about Your Voice America, we do not aim to be balanced, we aim to be the balance to the corporate media bias. Hence, I aim to counter-balance my appallingly bias £3.7billion taxpayer funded BBC:
Stupid stupid idiots, otherwise known as Antifa, protest against a Free Speech event. You can’t make it up.

I guess they each carry a copy of their bible, Saul D. Alinsky ‘s Rules For Radicals:

Trump’s Tweets? I continue to love ’em. Take them with a pinch of salt sometimes… he plays us all so well, but unlike most before him, he’s definitely different. He’s side lined TTIP, the mad Paris Climate Change Agreement, Syria seems to have calmed down, the Russia story seems to have gone quiet and there was no North Korea nuclear war last week. Plus, apparently the stock market and economic figures are good.
Antifa, America’s new ISIS. Dress in black, cover your face, carry a baseball bat and cry out messages such as Hate The Hate. The BBC & CNN will love you. If you want to organise your own Hate The Hate protest, why not call:
Remember to blame white nationalists and of course Trump. Oh, and why think for yourself when we can do it for you!
Gender and identity politics as practiced by dumb arse twerps. These people protesting ‘hate’ are perpetrators of hate. Black, white, male, female, makes no difference, all equally as thick as….
Donald Trump, you are a breathe of fresh air compared to these nincompoops.

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