Alex Jones coffee thrown on him in street in Seattle. Barcelona a fake.

Nathan Stolpman opens his ‘show’ with the footage.  Jones animated about the media creating mind slaves unable to see what’s the real agenda.  Stolpman says Jones (Bill Hicks) is stretching the truth as usual.  It’s an amusing but not a convincing performance.  Take  a look.

Nathan explains the expulsion of Steve Bannon from The White House.

He manages to put a positive spin on the chaos happening around the world.  He thinks Barcelona was fake.  A slow-moving van could not hit 93 people in a walkway, he claims.  He goes back to Nice where the evidence did not stack up either.


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  1. NPP says:

    Can you imagine John Sopal or Lyse Ducet or any BBC presstitute chasing an abuser down the road to invite them on camera?
    Alex Jones is funny. Nathan actually spends his time analysing it. Again, funny.

    Steve Bannon apparently resigned 11 Aug and was not fired as the BBC just reported here 10 mins ago yet again. Bannon can be more effective outside the White House than inside and I suspect Trump knows only too well.

    Every day is Trump entertainment day. I love it.

    Last night late on BBC 5 Live earnest ‘Collectivists’ (not that they realise they are Collectivists) earnestly decried Trump for everything. Apparently, Trump Charlottesville means Trump has lost all credibility and his support is dwindling. I suspect the opposite is true.

    Alex Jones is so open and loud compared to the pent-up politically correct BBC. Power to you Alex! I mean, Clinton-Obomba-Antifa friendly Seattle of all places?! He certainly has more cajones than most mainstream presstitutes.

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