Return to the Dark Ages

You imagined England to be a civilized country? Think again. There are rogues and vagabonds operating, for whom nothing is sacred. A return to the Dark Ages seems inevitable.

Remember the fracking farmer in Dudleston who was lucky enough to get rid of Dart Energy?  Well, this time he’s cutting off water supply to his neighbours.


Message sent to Paul Hickson, Brooklands Farm. No reply as usual.

Hi Paul, would you be able to explain what you’re doing at The Tank Wood? Our water supply has come from there for 150 years, and someone has been tampering with it. When my great uncle sold the land to your grandfather in 1926 he retained the water rights. These have great value and must not be jeopardised. The lateral trench you are digging is too deep for land drainage. You must not break our pipe so please refrain from further digging there. There are also issues with the stream being cut off at The Long Meadow. That has watered cattle for hundreds of years in the past and is currently filling the pond which we maintain for water supply in the event of a fire at the factory. This water supply must not be stopped. Henry Curteis – my numbers are etc etc

The water at the Long Meadow stopped flowing for many days recently. Is there a plan to permanently intercept the flow of the stream and redirect the water to Brooklands Farm? A lot of earthworks have been going on for weeks.

Also at The Tank Wood, Paul Hickson (pictured) is digging a big trench and there are signs of tampering with our water collection chambers. The neighbouring farm owns the water rights since 1926 when Paul Hickson’s grandfather bought the land from my Great Grandmother, Mrs Anne Morrall . What is going on?

Paul Hickson came to fame by signing a contract with Dart Energy at Brooklands Farm. Luckily they withdrew and he got out of it all, and Shropshire was saved from fracking. What is going on now?

What are his plans? Why has he not spoken with his neighbours but he has cut off the stream that flowed onto their land for over 1000 years, when the Morralls ancestor Hwyl Dda, King Of Wales, bought the land in around 920 AD?

On a happier note, the house in the picture Plas Yolyn, the ancestral home of the Morralls, and the neighbouring land to Brooklands, where our water is now getting scarce, has won the Sykes Gold Award from 1000 other entrants, voted the best group holiday location in Britain.  Find on in Shropshire.  Sleeps 14.  More beds available in cottage if required.  That’s hopefully the end of my private affairs, readers.

He had second thoughts about his fracking venture.  Maybe something similar could happen with his water grab.

Message from his eldest son.

Received from Paul Hickson’s eldest son Wesley. ‘We would appreciate it if you removed your Facebook status and comments regarding our farm/business / my dad – as we are unable to give a reply or defend our selves.’

Is that a reply?  Nothing about cutting off their neighbour’s water.  Just silence.



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