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Published on Jul 30, 2017

50 Rare Photos of Adolf Hitler You Might Have Never Seen Before:

Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) was leader of the Nazi Party and became Chancellor of Germany in 1933. As leader of the Third Reich, he invaded Poland, which started World War II. He orchestrated the Holocaust, which resulted in the death of 6 million Jews.

Everybody who spent a little time in history class, knows this evil man. But you might not know his personal life. Here’s a collection of 50 rare photographs of Adolf Hitler from his birth to his suicade at the end of World War II.

1. Hitler and Goering were passionate collectors of art.

2. Hitler with Emmy and Edda Goering, 1940. Emmy Göring was a German actress, the second wife of Hermann Göring.

3. Hitler during imprisonment at Landsberg Prison. He was visited by fellow party members, 1924.

4. There are a number of conspiracy theories claiming that Hitler didn’t commit suicide and fled. This photo allegedly captured 75-year-old Hitler on his deathbed.

5. FBI montage made in 1945 in the event that Hitler tries to hide by changing the appearance.

6. Hitler’s birth certificate.

7. Little Hitler (third from the left on the bottom row) with classmates. Fischlham, Austria-Hungary, 1895.

8. School Photo, 1901.

9. Another school photo, 1904.

10. Hitler in a military hospital (back row, second from right), 1918.

11. Volunteer Hitler (right) as part of the 2nd Bavarian Infantry Regiment of Bavarian Army during the World War I, 1916.

12. Hitler as a young politician, 1921.

13. Hitler during the election campaign in 1923. Photo taken by Heinrich Hoffmann, who was Hitler’s personal photographer.

14. Hitler in shorts, 1924. Photo taken by Heinrich Hoffmann.

15. Hitler during his speech.

16. Staged photoset “Apocalyptic, visionary, persuasive”, Heinrich Hoffmann, 1925.

17. Hitler at the orchestra rehearsal at Leopoldhall in Munich, 1938.

18. Hitler at a construction site of a new autobahn (highway).

19. Hitler in brown Nazi uniform during the outdoor speech in Austria. 1938.

20. Hitler in 1932.

21. In front of new Reichsbank building, May 1932.

22. Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels signing autographs at the 1936 Olympics.

23. Hitler in 1934 during a visit at Landsberg Prison, where he wrote “Mein Kampf” during his imprisonment in 1924.

24. Hitler says goodbye at a New Year’s banquet. Berlin, 1936.

25. Hitler at someone’s wedding.

26. On Thanksgiving Day in Bückeburg, 1937.

27. With Austrian fans, 1939.

28. On board the ship Robert Ley, which was released on its maiden voyage. The ship was christened Robert Ley, after the leader of the DAF in Germany.

29. During lunch on the front line, 1940.

30. Hitler with guests at the table at his residence in Obersalzberg, 1939.

35. Hitler and Eva Braun, 1943.

37. Hitler, Göring and Heinz Guderian discuss the Ardennes operation. October 1944.

38. Hitler comes to visit one of the injured officers, after a failed assassination attempt on Hitler, July 20, 1944.

39. Hitler and Goebbels, the propaganda minister. Poland, July 25, 1944.

40. One of the last photo of Hitler. The Fuhrer in the garden of the Reich Chancellery awards the young members of the Hitlerjugend (Hitler Youth) brigade mobilized to defend Berlin.

41. During a visit in occupied Graslitz, 1938.

42. On Christmas feast with the German generals, 1941.

47. At a Nazi rally in Eger, Czechoslovakia, 1938.

48. At a Nazi rally.

49. In the theater, Charlottenburg, May 1939.

50. In Paris, 1940.



  1. Tapestry says:

    Like Putin, HItler had doubles. One of these died at the bunker. The real HItler escaped to South America.

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