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  1. emm jay says:

    Hi Gordon it’s still so good to see you back here … sincerely hope you’re going from strength to strength.

    Thank you for this, always eager to read and see Enoch material out there … if the powerful descriptions of hell in the Book of Enoch are anything to go by, I admit that I take great pleasure in knowing that tptb have so got it comin’.

    • Gordon says:

      Emm Jay, I extend my deep appreciation of your kindly words and happy to tell you that I am certainly going from strength to strength though confess I do get a bit tired due to pushing myself too hard mentally and physically, but hey, that’s just me!

      It also comforts me to know that we are of one mind regarding such a contentious book (usually by the clergy) as that of the Book of Enoch. Many read without understanding the ultimate role of man among the stars. Many read and pooh-pooh the book altogether.

      Personally, I find it fascinating, and likewise it gives me great comfort knowing that one day, some day, the wicked shall be removed from the face of the earth and finally after millennia of being lied to, robbed of our spiritual inheritance and bastardized from the days of Eden we will finally have true peace, true knowledge and true understanding here on earth.

      May that day be quickened. And once again thank you.

      • emm jay says:

        Thank you Gordon … very happy to hear that … and I much appreciate your great reply ?

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