Trump Wants Authority to Build New Bases in Iraq, Syria

White House Complains Legal Restrictions Are Hampering ‘Temporary’ Sites

The White House has issued a statement this week calling on Congress to grant President Trump unilateral legal authority to open new military bases in both Iraq and Syria, as well as to renovate existing facilities. Officials say the bases would be purely temporary in nature.

Gordon says: If you believe that, you’ll believe anything and I’m wasting my time here!

What “temporary” actually means however is unclear, particularly in Iraq where the Pentagon has been very public about the idea that they intend to keep US ground troops in Iraq more or less forever. Those bases, then, are going to be open-ended facilities for an open-ended mission.

The White House says that the current lack of unilateral authority is limiting “maneuverability” as they continue their military buildup in the region, Though the statement was initially aimed at getting the authority included in the NDAA, it does not appear that the House version made any such revisions.

The establishment of bases, particularly in Syria, could be risky, since the US doesn’t have any permission from the Syrian government to be there in the first place, and the appearance of the Pentagon laying down roots, however temporary they claim them to do,  could be very provocative to Syria, and its allies like Russia.

The limits were initially put in place in 2008’s NDAA, and Congress has reaffirmed those limits repeatedly since then, aiming to limit the amount the US was spending on nation-building in Iraq.

Trump Wants Authority to Build New Bases in Iraq, Syria

More Details about New US Military Base in Syria

The US has established a military base in the north-eastern part of Syria, deploying 800 US servicemen there.

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  1. Bigmoo says:

    As the Septic Tanks already have 8 airbases inside Syria, the most recent being Khobain, it begs the question just how many airbases they actually want.

    No doubt with the extra airbases they can increase the spread of freedom and democracy.

    Just what Syria needed – extra freedom.

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