Troops Guard Antarctica Pyramids Ice Melts Could Flood Coastal Cities

Published on Jul 1, 2017

Some fun facts about Antarctica. This southern continent has the highest average elevation of all continents. As oceans rise Antarctica will become more green. Antarctica would be an ideal place for humanity to survive the rising floods. Geological records show Antarctica was covered in forests while half of Florida was under water. Perhaps Humans have lived in Antarctica before?
Could ancient civilizations be hidden underneath the ice?

Antarctica has the largest fresh water reserves in the world and perhaps the most pristine as well. As no nuclear waste is allowed on the continent. But there have been nuclear reactors in Antarctica that have had major leaks like the one at Mcmerdo station i will link that video. Antarctica Nuclear Power Plant Cancer Disaster on Day 1 Says Navy Shipmen…

Widespread snow melt detected in West Antarctica during unusually warm summer – “We can expect more major surface melt events”

An area of West Antarctica more than twice the size of California partially melted in 2016 when warm winds forced by an especially strong Fukushima blew over the continent, an international group of researchers has determined.

Naval officer ‘saw entrance to secret alien base in Antarctica. Troops are seen patrolling around Pyramids gathering artifacts as the biggest archaeological dig in history is happening now, 2 miles below the ice. Investigative journalist Linda Moulton Howe from Albuquerque, New Mexico, who has been awarded for her paranormal research through website, says she was contacted several times by the whistleblower she has only been referred to as Brian.

Brian, 59, who alleges to be a former retired US Navy petty officer first class flight engineer in a squadron called Antarctic Development Squadron Six, claimed to have been part of a crew that flew through a “no fly zone” above Antarctica, and saw UFOs, aliens, and a giant entrance hole to an alien base.…

The changes in Antarctica do affect South Florida. As the glaciers melt, sea levels rise and that could devastate the coastal cities.

“Really, Antarctica is the indicator continent for our planet. It is where we can see things that are changing, indicators of what’s going to happen with the rest of the planet,” Magill said.…


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