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Tory fracking evangelist appointed as Michael Gove’s private secretary

Just when you thought the Government couldn’t get any worse, enthusiastically pro-fracking Tory MP is appointed as Michael Gove’s right hand man.

Gove’s record of supporting fracking – and even drilling in national parks – was among the many concerns raised when he was appointed as Environment Secretary.

The Tory manifesto said shale gas could “play a crucial role in rebalancing our economy” and included plans to “develop the shale industry in Britain.”

Fears that the Tories’ were about let fracking giants destroy vast swathes of the country subsided when there was no mention of it in the Queen’s speech – along with the rest of the Tory manifesto.

But the appointment of Kevin Hollinrake as Gove’s private secretary should cause concern to communities targeted by oil and gas companies.

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66% of Lancashire residents oppose fracking in their local area

Over half of people surveyed (54%) still believe fracking to be unsafe, despite long-term efforts from the industry to sell the controversial process to the county.
It is two years this week since Lancashire County Council rejected a fracking planning application, a decision that was appealed against and then over-turned by central government. Almost 3 in 4 people (73%) polled think that Lancashire County Council should have the final say on fracking applications.
A YouGov survey [1] of Lancashire residents for Friends of the Earth released in full today reveals that:
• 54% said that they thought fracking was unsafe;
• 73% thought that Lancashire County Council should have the final say about whether fracking goes ahead,
• 66% are concerned about the impact of fracking on Lancashire’s natural environment; and
• 66% are opposed to fracking within 5 miles of where they live.

UK anti-fracking campaigners promise to step up protests in July

Opponents of shale gas have promised “an unprecedented month of resistance against fracking in the UK”, starting tomorrow (1 July 2017).

Called the “Rolling Resistance”, the action comes as Cuadrilla prepares to begin drilling at its shale gas site at Preston New Road, near Blackpool.

The organisers, the direct-action network, Reclaim the Power, said:

“The Rolling Resistance will see creative and disruptive actions against fracking every single working day through the month of July.”

The start of the action coincides with the launch of a community information hub near the Preston New Road site.

A spokesperson for Reclaim the Power said:

“What happens at Preston New Road is a litmus test for the future prospects of the whole fracking industry. Reclaim the Power aims to stop fracking in its tracks at this flagship site, continue to quake investor confidence in this unproven, risky industry, and support and reinforce the ongoing resistance of local people against fracking in Lancashire.”

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