There is an Underworld




I just arrived back home from visiting my newborn granddaughter. There is nothing so precious, so fragile, so ‘straight from heaven’ as a newborn baby. This spark of Divinity has been named Aria. She’s incredibly peaceful right now, sleeping and still in dreamtime, but she opened her eyes and we looked at each other for a moment.

Our grandchildren inherit our efforts, and we have some cleanup work to do for them. People are getting more courageous… have you noticed?

I’m following the collapse of the Empire, or, like Alia in the sci-fi classic Dune, I have been keeping pace with the storm. It looks like the US President may possibly be aware of the depth of depravity: how filthy and vile is the swamp. I pray that he has what it takes inside to deal with the worst of it.

But, even if the truth is hidden from him, or he is too distracted with himself to see and hear, or he is compromised or corrupted, the uncovering will continue. It is driven by people – those who are not concerned with sides, but with the grandchildren.

The Empire is desperate to impeach the President. I wonder how this will work out…

Like I said, people are gaining courage. Many who are working in the swamp hate what they are tied into. Now that they see a possible way out, they leak information and data – greater and greater is the flow.

Life is real – people who reveal information are often ‘taken out’. They are some heroes on the front lines, and they’re doing what their heart calls them to do. Bless them and let nothing cause you to be disheartened. This that we see as horrific… it’s coming down. It simply cannot sustain itself.

There Is An Underworld

In my last article I used the word ‘uncovering’ in relation to our inner work and personal lives. What is revealed affects everyone and everything – we see it play out on all levels; it is no longer possible to successfully hide.

The storm reveals a lawless world operated by people in positions of power in the intelligence/security agencies, military, mercenary corporations, politicians, bankers and investors, weapons industry, pharmaceutical industry, judges, law enforcement, tech industry including satellite technology, medical/hospital, shipping industry, media… and very much more.

What contraband is changing hands that we cannot see? We know about the CIA and military and drugs, but other things that we might rise up against they keep hidden.

One of the very profitable commodities is babies, children, young girls and boys and children in their early teens. Their destiny is nearly unimaginable. Another commodity is body parts for transplant including those of trafficked children who are victims of war and natural disasters. A third commodity is depleted uranium, transported for refinement and use in weapons. It’s illegal for a reason. White phosphorous is another illegal weapon being sold.

Weapons and drugs are sometimes shipped under diplomatic cover; some drugs are also shipped as “food” by food importers. Illegally obtained satellite technology is being sold, stolen cars packed with contraband and on and on.

The bankers know it all because they transfer the money: who is funding the terrorists, who is trafficking children, who is bringing down a currency or a government, who needs to launder a lot of money. Crypto currency, fine art and diamonds are also used as payment.

Many arrangements are made through the dark web, which is an anonymous way of using the Internet. One might point out that the CIA created the dark web to catch the criminals, and that’s a half-truth. They did create it, but apparently not to catch the criminals.

Why did we not know this? Well, we’re ‘informed’ by the mainstream media and we have been herded into ‘sides’. The news we hear is entertainment and propaganda. And also, this is not a blissful thing to know about. Sometimes we must turn away for the sake of our sanity. But slowly and surely we are going to see our icons exposed and we can handle it.

Let it strengthen you as you watch and see just how noble human beings are. The incredible human, courageous in love, is stepping up. We appear to be reaching a tipping point where folks will be ‘spilling the beans’ all over the floor.

The truth is not found in the opinions of one side or another – it is coming forth from the people and from metadata, which is the footprint left behind in computerized, printed or recorded form.

What Will the People Do?

Here is a quote picked up from the comment section of a video:

“America has reached the point where it is nearly impossible to address grievances against sustained, violent and oppressive measures by those in government. The system of checks and balances has failed, in the face of nearly universal treason and corruption. People not elected to office hold far more power than those who were. Those elected no longer owe their allegiance to the United States of America, or to its electorate – but to themselves only. When any system of government no longer serves the needs of its people, it is the absolute right and obligation of those people to remove and replace such government. This is the birthright of all Americans.”

Many of the people taking a stand are not on an inner pilgrimage or spiritual journey, they are satisfied with their religion, and they’re probably not interested in meditation or yoga. They are people who want a better world for their children, and that’s enough: that and the truth.

What can we ‘consciousness minded’ people do? Step back and look for the light. There are no sides from this position; there is only the uncovering of the underworld, the draining of the swamp. Whenever you see a spark of light, someone risking themselves for the truth, encourage them and assist them if you are able.

We don’t know how this is going to turn out, but I’m convinced there is a world to come, right here on Earth, more beautiful than we can imagine. We are helping our grandchildren build it by living the courage that love brings.

The Story for Aria

One day, when the children took another step into darkness, an alarm was felt far away. The alarm said… “Total darkness achieved – the time has come.” A light was prepared and sent. It contacted a few and spread some distance, but it didn’t stay lit. A second light was sent as well. It was the third light that reached into the darkness and ignited one spirit. That spirit was the Mother of a new way of being. When she emerged, she was carrying a child.

The Empire fought, oh did it fight. It broke the promise it had made thousands of years before, to relent and give way when total darkness was achieved. For 100 years the war was waged. The child became children… many children.

As the children grew, the light increased and they gained strength. Since the Empire could not show itself, it set out to twist and diffuse the light. The scene kept changing – back and forth – uncovering and covering up. Grandma was watching it – in the company of many others.

We were serving the light, but we were also doing something that hadn’t been done before, so we didn’t know how to think and plan our way through. We had to feel it. We could be misguided, and we were, but we kept on.

We were actually uncovering the source of light within ourselves, and that was what the Empire feared. Once we realized it was there, and we felt the reality of love, we would turn it up: with love came courage.

That is when we started to tell people… don’t look in the sky for God… look in your heart. You are worthy and wonderful. And they looked, and found the greatness of themselves.

And so, dear Aria, we began to live on purpose: so that all of the grandchildren can sing their songs in peace.



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