Putin murdered years ago. Russia being ruled by body double.


Who controls the new Putin?   It’s been clear enough he has/had body doubles, but was he actually eliminated?  This video suggests he was murdered in 2010.  His wife gives details of her story.  The second video suggests he was not assassinated but was executed after a legal process in which he was accused of ordering false terror attacks to be carried out.  His wife managed to escape abroad when helped by others.



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  1. NPP says:

    Goodness knows…. it seems far fetched, but then it is a funny old world.

  2. Gordon says:

    I really can’t swallow this one. For one thing we are all of a thousand faces and comparing facial features I see the same man over and over. As for the oration, where’s the proof that this is Putin’s wife.
    Furthermore, for what good reason would Russia want to get rid of Putin? Because he was corrupt! Come on!! Look at Putin’s predecessors, some of the biggest villains on the planet.

  3. Tapestry says:

    I noticed a Putin double started being used for international conferences about two years ago – maybe 2014. This could either be as reported here, or a sensible move by the original Putin to protect himself. If he was taken out and replaced by the CIA, why would Russia be offering so much resistance in Syria for example? Does the CIA have so much control in Russia that they could orchestrate such a move? Did the Rothschilds hit back? At this stage I’d suggest keeping an open mind. If the CIA were already in control of Russia, that would make it easier to get a war going, their clear objective, using the new Putin as the puppet required to justify the coming onslaught. As they programmed Hitler to provide justification and rationale for WW2, so Putin could be being kept in place for the same purpose, already under control from outside Russia.

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