2 Responses to “Microsoft, NASA and Mars OH MY You have been warned Augmented Reality”

  1. Bigmoo says:

    Slowly its getting out. Nobody hss been to the moon. Nobody has been to space. Nobody is going to Mars. All the CGI bollox has been going on for ever. Tim ‘the cnut’ Peake is only ohe of many that has been nowhere.

    Oh and the earth is flat. Copernicus was a lying bastard as were all the other Masonic liars.

    The moon and the sun or Boaz and Jachin or whatever cast their own light. I could go on forever.

    Gravity doesn’t exist either. Try density instead. We have all been fckd over like you can barely imagine.

    Their is no heliocentric system. The moon and sun move around a geocentric earth.

    Everything we are told is an inversion of reality. Just make everything the opposite – dead easy.

    Peace to the humans.

  2. Bigmoo says:

    There is an even better Tim Peake on earth arsing around in front of a green screen when he was meant to be in space. On Jootube.

    An overwhelming amount of fake moon tripe too. No conspiracy theorists required. Just balls-out hard analytics of NASAs own material which, 50 years later gets annihilated.

    6 trillion dollars and counting.

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