Published on Jun 21, 2017

**** PLEASE TAKE NOTICE****The Council changed their Insurance provider 3 months before the fire to one that specialises in Casualty Insurance. BUT…..IT HAS BEEN BROUGHT TO MY ATTENTION THAT ZURICH, THE ORIGINAL INSURERS, ALSO COVERED CASUALTY INSURANCE, THIS MEANS THAT THEY COULD NOT HAVE CHANGED THE INSURANCE PURELY TO GAIN CASUALTY INSURANCE. THIS VIDEO THEREFOR IS ERROR. They are still set to gain the biggest payout of £1 Billion… Kensington/Chelsea, Westminster and Hammersmith/Fulham, three councils were sharing the cost of Insurance, that policy was due to be renewed on April 1st. A Council meeting was held in which they appear to deciding whether to renew as before, or, as Individual entities.The contracts of Insurance in respect of property, terrorism, liabilities, personal accident and fidelity guarantee / crime insurances expire after a five-year term on the 31st March 2017 for all three Councils and a re-tendering of these contracts open to all qualifying bidders is required under the Public Contract Regulations 2015, WCC’s Procurement Code, LBHF’s Contract Standing Orders and RBKC’s Contract Regulations. So although my video states that they renew their Insurance 3 months earlier, it failed to mention that the Insurance was up for renewal. (I just have to clear that up) But, in saying that, for this Council to have paid just one instalment of a £2.2 Million Insurance cost, (which was supposed to last five years @ £434.857 per year, ) and stands to make £1 Billion …Having a fire 3 months later is still very suspect. IMO.

Although the council are claiming that they changed policy to the new company because it was cheaper, the policy with Protector was for £2.2m to be paid at £434.857 annually and the policy with Zurich was for £680,000 for a year. So that means that they paid less for their policy but even if they have to pay out the extra to make it up to the 2.2 million, they still stand to gain with a casualty Insurance which totals £1 Billion instead of £25 million. Thats a huge profit margin for a deliberate fire.Thats why the firemen were acting odd and not even firing directly at the flames, its an insurance job and a ritual sacrifice!

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