How to help kill CNN


Many hospitals and public places have their televisions set to CNN. So CNN is impossible to avoid for many . . . . . unless “many” have universal remotes, and flip the TV over to a different news channel when they see CNN somewhere.

NEW RULE: Always carry a universal remote plus that little book that tells you what code to punch into the remote for specific brands, if it is needed. Make sure you flip the TV over to a competing channel so it stays off CNN for as long as possible with no one noticing.

Amelia Erhart was probably captured by the Japanese

In this photo you can see what appears to be an obvious Amelia in the center of the photo with her back to the camera, and in the upper right hand corner, her plane on the bow of a ship. Looks pretty obvious once you put all the blur together for what it is.

Yep, I bet they took her and never said a word. Evidently they thought she was an American spy.


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