Gummy Bear reveals ancient knowledge of the polar configuration

Laced into the original Gummy Bear video watched 2 billion times on Youtube you can find graphical representations of what’s called The Polar Configuration – the way earth lined up with the planets before the arrival of the current sun.  This occurred something like ten to fifteen thousand years ago – that’s right – not very long ago.  The videos that explain all this, are referred to in this short Gummy Bear video.  Remembering The End Of The World from 1996, and Symbols Of An Alien Sky from 2007.  If you haven’t watched these two videos, then you’re in for a treat.  Human history is hidden away, and planetary history too.  The Electric Universe movement has unravelled much of what has been hidden from us.  The insiders who know what happened, keep putting references to what they know into popular culture, and the Gummy Bear video is a classic example.  Enjoy.


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