Grenfell Tower is Agenda 21/Agenda 2030 – social cleansing

It’s a corporate land grab.  The ‘regeneration’ programme aims to destroy communities, moving people in who are in favour of corporate government.  Councils set up Community Action Groups but these are managed opposition, and will be destroyed and neutralised.  Change agents were set up in 2011.   Cuts planned.  Opposition to be neutralised.  More details from Mark Windows.

Councils are ignoring judicial revue.  Council employees get incentives for their treachery.  Planning consultations are fake, with deals already done.  Public meetings are controlled.  They appear to offer choice, but choices are removed, while opposition is neutralised.  They antagonise people to respond aggressively, using Delphi technique.  Council evictions are happening all the time, but if they speak out, they lose their rights to council housing.  A complete demolition of all council housing in London is planned.  Council houses are classified as dirty land, so they can be knocked down.  Lifelong tenancies are gone.

New short tenancies with draconian stipulations will be issued.  Self employment is outside the new global paradym.  Act in small groups outside the Council. puts up videos each week. on youtube.

Big Society change agents.  What regeneration means to local people.



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