Farage – Brexit betrayed as immigration crisis worsens

‘Brexit BETRAYAL’ Tories have ‘sold out’ UK with open borders U-turn, blasts Nigel Farage

NIGEL Farage warned supporters that Theresa May’s Government has “sold out” Brexiteers by following an “open–door immigration” policy that was “dramatically rejected by the electorate”. 

‘Not what we voted for!’ Nigel Farage blasts Brexit transition deal 

The former Ukip leader described the “Cabinet consensus” regarding a transitional deal as the “great Brexit betrayal”.Mr Farage said: “It is strange to think that Jeremy Corbyn is now offering a tougher line than the Government when he says he would ban the wholesale importation of low-skilled EU workers.

“Every week Britain’s national debate focuses on the lack of available school places, shortfalls in NHS funding, overcrowding on our railways, or on the housing crisis.

Theresa May and Nigel FarageGETTY

Nigel Farage declared the Government’s Brexit talks were heading in the wrong direction

“But rarely, if ever, does any member of the political class dare to voice the undeniable truth that immigration lies at the root of these difficulties.”The Ukip MEP issued a chilling warning about Brexit negotiations, claiming the Government was trying to distort the referendum by keeping open borders and Britain under the control of European courts.

He warned that big business which backed Remain as well as joining the euro were dominating the argument around Brexit.

International Trade Secretary Liam Fox said on Sunday that it was “not a huge deal” if transitional arrangements when Britain quits the EU last up until 2022, while Chancellor Philip Hammond has allegedly held secret meetings with Goldman Sachs to reassure them there will be a long transitional deal to help the City prepare for Brexit.Writing in the Telegraph, Mr Farage said: “The old alliance of big business and a Tory government is booming again. Meanwhile Tory supporters, who have voted loyally in successive elections for manifestos that promise to drastically cut numbers, have been sold out.

“Daily, we are spoon-fed arguments about the need for a transitional period after leaving the EU, allegedly in the interests of the economy. In reality, this is just a re-run of an argument advanced by the Remain side last year, which was dramatically rejected by the electorate.

“Apart from a few delusional Westminster MPs, everyone knows that the issue which won Brexit was open-door immigration.“The irony is that the Government’s decision to keep the borders open comes as the migrant crisis in Italy is intensifying.”


Liam Fox admitted a transitional agreement could last until 2022

Jeremy CorbynGETTY

Nigel Farage claimed Jeremy Corbyn was being tougher on open borders than the Tories

The MEP was adamant Lord Prior, who told a meeting of tech and insurance leaders that they shouldn’t worry about barriers to the UK, would be sacked.He added: “I thought he’d gone too far. How could a Brexit administration elected on a promise of reducing net migration to the tens of thousands tolerate such behaviour? Instead it got worse.”



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