E.ON Energy definitely not recommended

We moved house over a year ago, and the contracted energy supplier was E.ON, for both gas and electricity, arranged by the developer who built our house.  The prices were not too bad, although I can save money by moving to another supplier.  I don’t like dealing with large corporations which refuse to communicate.  E.ON are absolutely impossible to contact on any matter other than paying their account, which of course answers quick enough.  That and the price they charge together mean I wish to move my account back to our previous supplier we had at our old house who were very good to talk to at any time,  Flow Energy.  And cheaper.

One thing I want to talk to E.on about is that they have failed to register our account on the national database, which they should have done over a year ago.  I tried to communicate this fact online but the message was not accepted.  I spoke to the ‘house moving section’ saying they had failed to do what they are required to do by law over a year ago, and they said, would I be prepared to be transferred to a department they call ‘General Enquiries’.  So here I am listening to the same piece of music an hour later – since they ‘offered’ to put me through.

Mozart is good, but not that good.  An hour of the same phrases played continually is enough to put you off voluntarily listening to his music for at least a fortnight.  They did answer eventually.  As usual a charming friendly person with no authority to do or even say anything.  She’s gone off to ask her manager as to why we are not registered on the national database, and Mozart is back in action once more.

The reply, at last.  The property is new build and is registered incorrectly under the postcode the developer supplied before the properties in this development were built.  Such a simple thing to fix, but clearly there is no incentive to do so on the part of utility suppliers to correct them, once the houses are completed.  Buyers can leave more easily and save money if they register new build postcodes correctly.  E.on were not willing to re-register the property with the correct postcode.  They told me to apply with any new energy supplier using the metre code numbers instead of the postcode.  That I will now attempt.

Another bone of contention with E.on.  They have installed our meters for gas and electric just over a year ago, and yet they are already bombarding us with emails saying our meters are now out of date and need replacing.  The only choice they offer being, you guessed it, Smart Meters.  The dangers to fertility and general health from increased electromagnetic pollution is now well documented.  I don’t want to die, or for my children to become infertile, so I don’t want a Smart Meter, thank you.  As E.ON offers no choice in the matter, this is another very important reason why I wish to move to a supplier that offers a choice other than Smart.

The word ‘Smart’ is one to avoid.  It means you are being controlled and monitored without you realising it.

Goodbye E.ON.  It will be aeons before I want to talk to you again and your Smart totally unhelpful world.  To any human being wanting to live in the future, I would suggest you don’t contact these people.  Furthermore you can play your own Mozart when you actually want to hear it.  It’s nice to have choice, and not be dictated to, as well as to be alive, and not dead.  I wonder how many of their unfortunate clentele have passed away waiting aeons for E.ON to reply to their requests.  Getting rid of E.ON is the smart option, and suffer no more.

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  1. Dee says:

    I’ve noticed it isn’t just energy companies that are getting harder to contact. I am coming to see it as the web of control gradually tightening – they can get bolshy and demanding with you but they are virtually uncontactable. Frustrating!

  2. Tapestry says:

    We still have choices as the totalitarian tiptoe has to leave us a way out. It’s important that we use whatever choice is left to us…including voting. Or our options and choices will be completely removed.

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