Dr Graham Downing

The end of privacy.    I’ve listened to Dr Graham Downing a few times.  The knowledge he has accumulated using treatment methods other than anti-biotics is proving crucial to many people.  I’ve used his Vitamin C method of tackling a virus, and many many times used AVS200 silver on bacteria infections.

He is also an expert on many other aspects of the closing in totalitarian state.  The speed with which artificial intelligence is closing in on us is accelerating.  There is almost no privacy left.  This discussion covers this topic.  We have nothing to hide, but everything to lose.  Graham’s information being presented here is shocking.

People being closed down in business for political reasons.  People selling Mexican food who were not Mexicans were closed in Portland, because they were not Mexican.

The principle of equity.  Linguistic justice explained.  Whole new reasons for interfering in people’s lives.



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