One Response to “Castreau….. or Trudo”

  1. Bigmoo says:

    Makes no odds. One is the product of elite bourgeoisie metropolitans and the other is a Canadian. Boom boom.

    Seriously though yet another fake revolutionary peddling failed ideology. Americas near neighbour and nemesis. Castro is another Crypto doing his antithesis bit for the revolution and Godless ideology of ‘man is the most high’ and politics and politicians are the answer.

    The world over – politics and fakery rule the day. Trudeau from his dynastic Chosenite rite. Castro from his.

    All bllcks. From the East-West paradigm to Hitlers daughter Merkel, Rasputin in Russia, Rot.h.s.child poodle Macron, the Gandhi Dynasty and the well known Bhuttos from Pakistan (who were in fact Iranian). Place men the world over, inbred freaks and Baphomet Trannies.

    The liars, paeedos and freaks that govern us are utter abominations and mankind looks to these dckheads for guidance.

    The flock are being led astray and at the current rate wont have long before the current crock of shyt start WW3 (for our own good) of course.

    Viva the revolution.

    Peace to the humans.

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