1. Bigmoo says:

    Sorry girls but there is nothing worse than an unoriginal idea.

    I new a bunch of art students from Edinburgh College of Art going back to the early 90s. So, 25 years ago.

    This strange phenomenon was being done then by a couple of clowns who thought it was art.

    Therefore there really is no story here . Boring and unoriginal and been done before.

    I agree with some of your sentiments about (no big deal its natural etc). Fairpoint. The problem lies with a bunch of retarded fck wits using it as paint.

    When your at it, why don’t you make sculptures out of turds because they’re natural too.

    Wait for it, wait for it, here’s the punch line………..You could start a new movement – albeit a bowel movement you total retards.

    Away and get a real job.

  2. NPP says:

    Indeed, Josephine sums it well without actually saying bollocks.

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