Travel Republic needs democratic revolution

Travel Republic say they cannot accept responsibility for us having booked a hotel in Italy listed as having space when it was sold out months ago, and was not available at the time we booked the hotel through Travel Republic’s website.

They say they get all their information from Expedia and Expedia will not remove a hotel’s availability from its listings unless the hotel asks them to remove the availability.

That alone means you cannot trust the information on Expedia bookings listings.

I spoke with the hotel and they say that they have been booked out for months and cannot understand why Expedia etc are still trying to make bookings, advertising them as available when they are definitely not available.  I can’t believe Expedia don’t know.

Travel Republic refuse to compensate us for the flights, as it is not a package holiday.

Our hotel was £700 for four nights.  They offer alternatives at £4000 to £7000.  It’s in Viareggio, in Tuscany.

Be warned.  Do not trust these people who claim to be honest and operating a fair business.

They accept no responsibility for the information on their website.  It’s all at your risk if half of it’s baloney.

‘Join Over 2 Million Satisfied Customers,’ they claim on their site.

I wouldn’t if I was you!  I’d look elsewhere.  Others leave comments in their forum along similar lines.


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