Young Man Asks Questions. The BBC Apolagise For The Phonetics Of F-u-c-k.

Have you posted this TAP? Regardless, a moment when a young chap asks questions while the BBC is concerned about the phonetics of f-u-c-k…

Young Man Asks Questions. The BBC Apologise For The Phonetics Of F-U-C-K.

This fire has…
delayed the Tory-DUP deal,
delayed the Queen’s speech
delayed Brexit even further

There are those who asked if 9/11 was an insurance job. It is remarkable how 9711 only wiped WTC buildings from the map…. but, of course, to suggest this was a planned fire would be conspiratorial and irresponsible, wouldn’t it?
Note how many times the term ‘loved ones’ gets used now-a-days. Unfortunately, ‘ordinary’ people are just collateral damage in the eyes of some.


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  1. ian says:

    As Peaky also points out, these flats are, as the area round pudding lane was, coveted building land in front of the rich man’s flats over there. At 00:16 Gmt on 14th of the 6th, that’s two sixes and the other digits add up to 6. Just as the original was in 1666.

  2. ian says:

    I also tried to post crisis solution’s link to demonstrate how numerology is important to them, but encountered this.

  3. NPP says:

    Forgive me TAP – this was posted before. Never the less…. interesting.

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