Will May’s fall open the way for Fox?

Let’s assume that Theresa May loses the Conservative majority on June 8th.  I would imagine such an event would be followed by her resignation as Party leader.  Who would be in the running for Party leader, and what direction should the Party take?  One potential leader who should never be taken seriously again is Boris Johnson, who, as Foreign Secretary, has sold out every principle he ever espoused, and become a stooge for the US Deep State.  He’s even suggesting Britain invades Syria without a Parliamentary vote, using false flag chemical weapons games as the justification.  He wants to out-Blair Blair.

There is one potential candidate, I believe, who is hated by the media and the insiders, who as a politician seems to understand the way to go.  He does what he believes to be right and ignores media attacks against him, which are constant (a sure sign of not being a sell-out).  Against Corbyn he would look good, and be able to articulate a coherent alternative, without the stench of corruption which hangs around Theresa May (her husband and all).  That person is Liam Fox.

Fox’s removal from the Defence brief seems like a pre-planned political game to me.  Cameron knew Fox was his main potential challenger and decided to take him out, giving him an impossible task, working with the corruption of the MOD, and then accusing him of corruption for trying to bypass the corrupt department and talk directly to suppliers of military hardware.  Cameron was well capable of such a plan.  There was never any specific accusation, just the full force of media innuendo.

Boris Johnson is of the Cameron era, only tolerated as he was a potential enemy of Cameron, who knew all about Cameron’s past.  As they say, keep your enemies close.  With Cameron gone, Boris Johnson looks lost, and is lost.  He should be gone from any consideration as leader.  We urgently need a grown up political leader who can think and articulate.

Liam Fox has to be high on the list for potential leaders who could pull the party back together, and drive out others who will look to bring the UK down.  Is this the moment for Fox?  He’s my choice, if May falls, for what it’s worth.  He went to Rodrigo Duterte and made a joint statement with him looking to the post-Brexit world, knowing he would get a another media hammering for doing so.  I like the guy.

This from The Guardian.

Dismay over Liam Fox’s claim of ‘shared values’ with Duterte’s brutal regime

UK trade minister is in the Philippines to meet a president who has publicly encouraged civilians to kill drug addicts.  (TAP – Do any of these people know what it’s like to live in a country where there are drug addicts in every street?)

Liam Fox visits the Phillipines and meets President Rodrigo Duterte. Photograph: British Embassy Manila(TAP – That is not the British Embassy.  The picture was supplied by the B.E.  It looks like a full handshake.)

The international trade secretary, who will also visit Malaysia and Indonesia on his trip, said in an article published in local media that he wanted Britain to build a stronger relationship with the Philippines based on “a foundation of shared values and shared interests”.

As Fox visited the Philippines, Theresa May was in Saudi Arabia as part of a wider government effort to shore up the UK’s trading position after Brexit. Speaking to the BBC, she refused to criticise the government’s bombardment of Yemen, which is estimated to have killed more than 10,000 civilians and displaced more than 3 million people.

In the Philippines, Fox insisted that Brexit would broaden the UK’s outlook, arguing that the UK would emerge “a stronger, fairer, more united and more outward-looking nation”.

A Whitehall source told the Guardian that Fox had raised concerns during Monday’s Philippines visit and meeting with Duterte, whose nickname is “the Punisher”.   They said the minister made clear that questions over human rights and corruption would act as a barrier to future trade opportunities.

As Theresa May flew into Saudi Arabia, also as part of the government’s “Global Britain” initiative, Philip Hammond was in India to promote British business, while Boris Johnson met with the German foreign secretary, Sigmar Gabriel, in London.

Senior figures in Westminster alarmed by the trips to Saudi and the Philippines urged caution in the government’s drive to build closer economic links further afield.





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  1. sovereigntea says:

    I see the censors are in our midst … unable to post comments re treason of May Fallon and Fox engineering EU military integration.

  2. sovereigntea says:

    Fox as minister of “defence” scrapped our Harriers and Nimrod thus leaving our nuclear submarines exposed as never before

  3. sovereigntea says:

    As the auto-censor wont allow me to make the case I leave it to ex RN Brian Gerrish.

    There was no ‘error’. The scrapping of Nimrod put the nuclear deterrent at grave risk of detection and targeting by hostile powers, at a time when the very same Conservative government which scrapped it is repeatedly warning of the growing capability and aggression of the Russian submarine fleet.

    “Give me one good reason” is an old adage, which is usually used to get across the single most important reason why something should be done, is being done or perhaps could be done. Over recent years and months I have watched as article after article has emerged in the press on the subject of defence. The sum of those articles is that Britain’s military strength has been cut to the bone across all three services – Army, Navy and Airforce.

    The cuts have been justified by the Conservative government on the basis there is no money for defence or indeed any other public service. There is no money to defend the realm – there is no money to treat the sick and infirm in the NHS. This claim is untrue, since money is created from nothing by private banks and given to the government begging bowl as debt. My purpose here however is to stick to the rather simpler issue of whether the Conservatives are telling the truth about their commitment to Defence of the Realm.


  4. Tapestry says:

    I see David Davis is being trotted out.

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