Who is the owner of number 16 Grenfell Tower

The question I asked when I wrote this post was based on the media narrative we were given.  After seeing other evidence, I now wonder if the narrative was true at all.  All the tenants who were given roles, like Maryam Adam and Behailu Kebede, seem to have disappeared, and are listed on the survivors list as having an uncertain fate.  The focus of suspicion has therefore moved on.  At first, number 16 seemed to be the key, where the fire started, but now Number 13 seems to offer the key to this terrible event.

The role of Mahad Egal of number 13 Grenfell Tower

Annie Logical has done some very good work on identifying a key actor in the fire, Mahad Egal, finding out that his Grenfell narrative leaves a few obvious questions to be answered.  He claims he moved into Grenfell Tower in February.  Yet there is evidence he was possibly still living in a much nicer home elsewhere.  Number 13 is on the critical 4th floor, where the fire started.

He also works in PR, having his own companies.

His partner Jamie Murray lived and worked with him.

Strangely number 13 is not mentioned in any of the 192.com enquiries I made about people who live on the 4th floor.  My first thought was that number 13 didn’t exist as it would be a bad luck address, but that left the floor one apartment short of 6.   It is however listed on the shared google document of the people in the Tower and their supposed fates, which a reader sent me, showing the names Mahad Egal and Jamie Murray as the tenants of number 13.

Is it possible the fire was started in some way by the people living in number 13?  That would be highly appropriate.

By living on the fourth floor, Mahad Egal could get to know all the people there, and write a narrative about all of them knowing their details, using his PR skills.  The fact that the key individuals in the narrative, Maryam Adam and Behailu Kebede have now all become not contactable, and are listed as ‘fate uncertain’ even though in the narrative they both survived the fire, is also strange.  How could they have been extensively interviewed had they died in the fire?  If they survived the fire, how come their fate is now listed as being ‘uncertain’ by whoever originated the google share document?

Here is Mahad Egal talking –

In the alternative main media narrative which appeared in Spanish ABC.ES and in The Metro, the person who knocked the door of Maryam Adam was not Behailu Kebede, but a ‘tall white British man’ who she did not know previously.  Was it possible that the PR man wanted to sow a false trail, or even two false trails?  The third narrative I found on a South African website sent out from The Daily Mail had other unnamed characters present on the 4th Floor in the narrative which also used Maryam Adam as the narrator.

Another person who lived on the 4th Floor, Alison Moses, is called as ‘Aale Moses’ in one report.  Maryam Adam is listed just as ‘Adan’ in the google list.  There seems to be an attempt going on to make all the people on the 4th floor apart from Mahad Egal and Jamie Murray, to disappear.

I”m sure Jamie Murray could tell a tale if she survives all this.

EARLIER REPORT wondering about Behailu Kebede of number 16 and the ‘tall white British male’.

This is the flat where the fire started.  It was last sold in 1995, and is not Council-owned since at least that date.  Behailu Kebede, who the British media say woke his neighbour Maryam Adam, who lived in number 14, had been the tenant since 2006.

He was not the tenant in 2007, making a year’s gap in his tenancy.  He was there again from 2008 to 2017.

Spanish media ABC.es published a report of Maryam Adam saying that it was not Behailu Kebede who woke her, but a tall white British male.  This male has not been identified.  The British media and the Police have ignored this interview with Maryam Adam, and continue to state that the person who gave the alarm to Maryam Adam, was Behailu Kebede.

Behailu Kebede has disappeared from public view since the fire, and is apparently staying with friends, and is not contactable.

Maryam Adam said that before the neighbour woke her, he had packed his bag and taken his clothes, and they were already in the hallway.  Which happened first?  The fire starting or the packing of the bags?

There are a number of unanswered questions about how the fire started.  These are also unasked questions as far as the Police and the media are concerned.

Behailu Kebede was the tenant, so who was the owner of the flat.  Does he or she have anything to say about these events?  Why has the media not asked who is the owner of the flat, and has failed even to identify the numbers of the flats, lived in by Maryam Adam and Behailu Kebede in Grenfell Tower?

I acquired this information by an internet search costing £36.

Behailu Kebede is the tenant of number 16.

Which taxi company did he work for?

Who owns the flat that he rents? (Rereading the report, the Land Registry only started recording sales of these properties in 1995.  Probably a Council tenant)

Why is no one mentioning any of these things, and ignoring key circumstances of this tragic event?

In the report in The Metro, derived from the ABC.es report, Maryam states that as she evacuated the building, there was still no alarm sounding.  Why not?

She also stated that the fire she saw in Number 16 (Behailu’s flat) was very small.  Why was it not put out?  How did it grow so huge so quickly?  Was it assisted?

Grenfell fire. Arson suspected.



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