Who are the Conservatives working for?

  1. In December 2010, just before the Benghazi terrorist uprising (armed by MI6 from Egypt), Lord James of Blackheath stood up in the House of Lords to say that he worked at the Bank of England and was responsible for terrorist accounts. He had just closed Irish accounts for over a billion. He also said that he had accounts for North African terrorists for over a billion. Presumably some of this money was used to wreck Libya. His speech is in Hansard. The British taxpayer continues to be one of the mainstays of international terrorism. The Irish experiment provided the know how for managing jihadism in the bogus war on terror

  2.  By the way, Tories might like to know that there were two detonations at the Grand Hotel in Brighton that almost killed Mrs Thatcher. The first was the bomb that had been planted by McGee in the bathroom, the second was detonated a moment later from a car that was outside the hotel. Thatcher’s cabinet enemies had taken refuge in another hotel and rushed to the Grand in their dressing gowns. To their horror, they saw the Iron Lady staggering out of the rubble!
  3.  Incidentally, I forced Sir Richard Dearlove’s resignation in August 2003. He had tried to kill me a few times, so I wrote the report that sank him. He had ordered a false flag car bombing in Saudi Arabia that had killed a Brit called Rodway in November 2000. Two weeks before the Rodway killing, he tried to get me poisoned with weapons grade salmonella. I survived by a fluke. MI6 will do anything, but anything for Mossad and Rothschild. In the same vein Sir Michael Fallon said the British government was prepared to launch a surprise nuclear attack on Russia. No British Minister of Defence has ever said anything so stupid before. British defence and the security services are totally subordinated to the Rothschilds and Israel. Ex DG Sir Colin McColl said, ‘Above all, the United States.’ Now it is, ‘Above all, the Jews.’

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