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  1. ian says:

    Are you MI5 Tap? there is no need for directed energy weapons that will make us look more like tin foil hat prats, than we already do.

  2. ian says:

    There was thermite, there were explosions. that is enough.

    • quenelka says:

      so what do you think happened to the police car (at the 52 minute mark in the vid)

      • ian says:

        It doesn’t matter what happened to the police cars. Possibly a thermo nuclear device was used or the Martians did it. What I keep saying is this. We know that explosives and thermite was used, and we know that the videos were messed with, but once you start talking of directed energy weapons which have never been demonstrated in public, or even proved officially to exist, then you are unlikely to be taken seriously. You would be ridiculed and humiliated by a talk show host on TV. So you’re saying it was all done by a ray gun, like on Star trek then???

  3. stevie k says:

    To me Judy Woods book is the best analysis of what happened on 9/11, have you read the book Ian. It’s telling to me that her work is ignored by the MSM and a lot of the supposed alt media as well. I think she hit the nail right on the head. A very intelligent, brave woman.

    • ian says:

      Her work is ignored by me for the reasons given. Even if she is 100% correct, her reliance on theoretical directed energy weapons would be used to discredit the person. As I have said time and time again, we know explosives and thermite were used, we have proof, Architects and engineers stand by us, and where are we absolutely no further on. Reading a book won’t change anything. Both mythbusters and Nat Geo channel proved thermite couldn’t cut steel beams which is a give away and a guy managed it in his back yard. I’m not saying she’s wrong. Just unnecessary and could be used against us.

      • Plumber says:

        I doubt it.
        If the Royal ‘We’ were merely looking for ‘a result’ we might attend a peasants revolt, a soccer match, or a ‘we are change’ forum perhaps. One might ask then what is the point of trying to raise the awareness of the general public to realisation if it is not of the truth? As you admit “As I have said time and time again, we know explosives and thermite were used, we have proof, Architects and engineers stand by us, and where are we absolutely no further on”
        Perhaps ‘the facts’ aren’t quite in the same league as The Truth.
        As for TV and it’s hosts……well” the revolution won’t be televised”
        Besides, Tesla patented Scalar technology at the end of the nineteenth century which was able to punch tidy bowls out of Siberian landscapes. Being a gentleman (of sorts) he decided not to continue with his experiments. However, gentlemen don’t run the show.
        And all on show it is.

      • sovereigntea says:

        Try stolen re-machined W54 nuclear “pits” liberated from the Pantex facility by a network that included Bibi Netanyahu and Arnon Milchan then re-imported via diplomatic baggage and stored at the israeli embassy until required on Sept 11th.

        Hollywood producer Arnon Milchan reveals past as secret agent
        Filmmaker, long rumored to be a real-life James Bond, talks about how he helped Israel’s alleged nuclear-bomb program

  4. Plumber says:

    Sov….you must mean the Pantex in Amarillo where no-one but overpaid and very bored guards work to keep up the show. Nuke is the imaginary fiend we’re supposed to grow out of at puberty – hence the Pantex (for heavy flow) Hollywood producers ‘coming clean’ and surviving the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service angst? Dream on.

  5. quenelka says:

    It does matter what happened to the police car, because it must be something unusual to have burned the front of the car and not touched the back, or melted the plastic lights. It is no use ignoring something that doesn’t fit with something else that you have already made your mind up on. I am prepared to accept that Thermite was used to destro the buildings, but then also so could some unknown energy weapon to weaken the steel structure. In fact I am sure that the military would have investigated using energy or frequency to weaken steel so that an enemies weapons would not work properly. Such a technology already exists in the form of ultrasonic energy used to break down kidney stones.
    Keep your mind open to all posibilities.

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