Where are the rest of the victims? 600 people lived in Grenfell Tower.

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Stop lying about the numbers who died, she says.  Are there any victims to be found?  Everyone’s gone.  There’ll be 500 funerals.  The Fire Brigade told them to stay in their rooms. Everyone died.  The News won’t say it.  The local people know their friends have all gone.  Who’s paying for the funerals?  If 76 people survived, where are the 500?

The Telegraph also suggests 600 people lived there.


Arson suspected.

Who was the tall white man who alerted the neighbour on the 4th floor?  It was someone she didn’t know.

Grenfell fire. Arson suspected.


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  1. Tom74 says:

    This is a third-world disaster with a third-world cover-up.
    Clearly, there was incompetence and corruption on a grand scale, which went far beyond the type of cladding used.
    Horrifying that we have a government that allows this to happen and then tries to shield the people responsible, as well as trying to save their own, rotten political skins.

  2. Aldous says:

    A week in politics is a long time. Terry May should have remembered that.
    How much she/he knew is anyone’s guess but I’m certain she’ll be the fall-guy while this epic tragedy unfolds and keeps Syria well and truly off the front pages. And Jesus wept?

    I can’t help thinking that The West is about to learn the bitter lesson of history that one is denied what one wants and gets what one deserves for tolerating the elephant of Zionism in their room.

    • sovereigntea says:

      The systemic cause of the corruption that led directly to this tragedy can be directly traced to the sabbos goy change agents of Common Purpose that have infiltrated the UK establishment at every level. Sabbos Goy traitor Anthony Charles Lynton Blair began the rot implementing the Communitarian agenda of New Deal for Communities (NDC) Programme which handed control of vast swathes of public housing to corrupt groups of cronies such as the blaggards in Kensington known as Local NDC partnerships. Sabbos goys David Cameron and Theresa May have continued puppet Blair’s work rebranding “the third way” as “the big society. In reality this slow motion Communitarian Bolshevik coup is the brainchild of a self confessed israeli terrorist Amitai Etzioni real name Werner Falk born 4 January 1929 Germany.

  3. ian says:

    This information was probably supposed to come out in dribs and drabs to fill the headlines for as long as possible. It keeps everything else buried. Let’s burn a politician at the stake daily instead, that would work 7pm daily on live TV, with a font bencher on a Saturday night with Ant and Dec doing the ceremonies. We could have a phone in comp for who gets to light them.

  4. Jasper says:

    She doesn’t actually state that it was a revenge attack. But if what she says is true the police need to answer some very awkward questions. And if as she says she has footage, she’d be wise to watch her back…


  5. Bevernbridge says:

    Of course there should in theory be post mortems / inquests before any talk of funerals.
    The application to demolish the tower (Made by Rydon Maintenance Ltd) on 22nd May strongly suggests to me there weren’t more than a few dozen left in the building. But that is not definitive, I know.

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