Nothing terror happens in city centres without the Marriott centre stage

The ‘casualties’ were carried into the Marriott Hotel on Westminster Bridge.  St Thomas’ hospital was right opposite.  Odd?

In Manila the strange casino attack was another Marriott Hotel terrorist operation.

In New York, nothing ‘terror’ can happen without a role played by the Marriott Hotel.

On May 1, 2010, an attempted terrorist attack occurred in Times Square in Manhattan, New … They also evacuated several buildings near the vehicle, including the New York Marriott Marquis hotel.

In the latest TImes Square ‘event’ in which the supposed run-over humans are stuck to the bouncing car as can be seen when the video is played in slo-mo.

18 May 2017 – Times Square, often times referred to as “The Center of the Universe,” has seen … do surveillance in Times Square very close to where a crude bomb was … Gunfire rang out in front of theMarriott Marquis Hotel on 45th Street, …

10 Sep 2013 – (about 9/11) He was staying in the Marriott World Trade Center, a 22-story hotel that was one of 10 buildings destroyed in the attacks in the area that …





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