Weapons of Mass Deception Vaccinations & what they are doing to our young Part 2


Vaccines Kill – Maim – Mentally Alter – Sterilise – Give Diseases – Dumb Down

And Are Extremely Toxic To Our Young


In Part 1 we covered some critical concerns that the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Vaccination Experts had discussed during one of their regular secret meetings and clearly the fact was raised that two of their current adjuvants (mercury based and Aliminum based) would eventually be banned from usage owing to there known toxicity values……..that was back in 2000 and yet they are still using the mercury based adjuvant in many third world countries (where they believe it doesn’t matter) and also still being used in western countries in certain vaccines.

Aliminum based adjuvants were basically  banned in the UK some time ago:

In 1957 the British Ministry of Health recommendation was to use Aluminum free vaccines. However, the US found a way around this by playing around with different types of Aluminum that they considered would be better absorbed……Canada had for decades be using Aluminum free vaccines in much the same way as the UK.



These secret meeting repeatedly revealed to all the experts (by their own admission) that they clearly do not know the toxic value of their own creations and went on to say that sometimes to get a better patient immune reaction to the vaccine frequently meant a higher toxic value!!!

One of the leading speaking at one such meeting was there to talk about the removal of Aluminum from vaccines and yet this ingredient is still contaned in almost all western based vaccination programmes (as per the list of speakers entry at that meeting)………..as you can see they clearly do not have any safety protocol in place before releasing a vaccine on the market!


On a more personal level it is only when you and your extended family see the results of these mentality deranged experts “who rush their products onto the market, bypass normal protocol, have no safety assurance and then tell you that the vaccine may not stop you from getting the disease it is supposed to prevent” that you realise you are truly putting your childs life on the line!!

Vaccine child


Two of my granchildren were seriously affected by these imbeciles:

One child became temporarily parallelised and blind immediately after a vaccine for some time and then recovered but still retains other issues. and my other grandchild suddenly flipped out soon after another vaccine and suffered sensory issue, anxiety, dizziness, vomiting and would not come out of the bedroom for over one month and still cannot deal with sensory issues such as light and noise with other autism type symptoms etc! 

The question I would ask our respective leaders and health specialists “How come no one hasn’t carried out a study as to why many diseases have ceased to exist since our life style and nutrition improved?” “Is it possible that with improved nutrition our immune system has been boosted giving us the natural ability to fend off diseases”

If they continue to deceive us on not understanding what cancer actually is  and keep telling us their is no cure then where are we going with today’s research and technology…..most diseases are bacterium based and according there is a cure so if our immune system becomes weaker or breaks down then we become open to sickness and the bacteria takes hold.

When such incidents occur the problem can be cured by using a type of Russian Phage Therapy which identifies the patients bacterium, goes out into nature and collects that bacterium, goes back into the laboratory and cultures that bacteria before returning back to the patient to re introduce the bacterium into the patient by various means.

The current con of telling us all that there is no cure for cancer or other deadly diseases can no longer be accepted and then having the audacity to kill us off by chemotherapy, morphine or continuously hitting us with  antibiotics is simply not working.

We are now surrounded by super bugs and must get back to basics in building up our own immune system and in the event that does not work we need to apply the above therapy or the therapy applied by Dr. Virginia Livingston which used the bacterium from cancer patients and re introduced that bacterium back into the patient as I have covered in my previous cancer articles.

Time to again provide evidence that vaccinations are extremely risky to our babies, young children, teens and adults health:

During the above conference discussion took place regarding lesions that had occurred in the deltoid muscle that occurred after vaccination:

A slide was shown to attendee’s after carrying out tests on animals with the following statement in regard to lesions of MMF:

At day 28 a lesion that was very similar to that observed in humans developed in these animals at the vicinity of the muscle. There were collections, large collections of macrophages filled with granular vasophilic content, which was also PS positive.

At this point we came to the final evidence that the lesion of MMF was due to the injection into the deltoid muscle of aluminum containing vaccines.

The lesions can be induced by any aluminum containing vaccine!!

Dr. Verdier took the platform and he quoted the following:

We have been able to reproduce this inflammatory reaction in all rabbits so we can expect that all the humans vaccinated with an aluminum adjuvant vaccine we will observe this immunoinflammatory reaction a few weeks after the injection.

Discussion also extended that another problem could come from the aluminum adjuvant in regard to Cronic Fatigue Sydrome

Dr. Halsey pointed out that he thinks the toxicologist still have some additional work to do   in that we do not seem the information on the age related toxicity  of Aluminum and especially when we are dealing with very young infants.

My note on the above paragraph that this question keeps coming up at each and every meeting that they simply do not know the toxicity of their vaccines and thus should not be using them until safety data is available…..which clearly it is not!!

It is clear that both the mercury and aluminum adjuvants should be removed asap as was done in the UK and Canada although i believe some vaccines are being reintroduced with both still contained in their ingredients, which is also the case in Australia.


It is very clear that the future is looking rather bleak to say the least as the New World Order and their puppet governments advance their technology, into not only depopulation, but also in having the ability to control the masses.

Suffice to say that no matter what technology hits the commercial sector it is becoming redundant the minute it is launched…….chip and pin has already made its entry into becoming another function to perform on young children and adults…..this will replace the credit card and cash….no chip and pin no shopping, visits to doctors and hospitals and no fuel and general services……they will be able to shut you down via their central data control room………this will eventually extend to being linked to ones brain….basically a small mcrochip the size of a grain of rice will be injected under your skin which will then me wired to the brain to control you and your moods etc…..a sort of pacification device…..do as you are told or the switch goes off.

Part 3 will go more in depth on the usefulness of the entire vaccine programme and prove that its all a vast money making con, depopulation programme and mind altering scam!!

eter Eyre – 1600 Local Time 25/6/2017

Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis – Investigative Journalist – Broadcaster


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