UKIP don’t get it. Fracking will make fresh water inaccessible and expensive. Gas is cheap anyway. We don’t need fracking.

No one will take more pleasure seeing the Conservatives lose their majority in the next General Election than me.  We don’t need another war, and that is exactly what we’ll get if Theresa May were to get a safe majority enabling her to push through a vote to invade Syria, which she is keen to do.  The tanks are waiting in Jordan alongside French and American forces, but it is the British Parliamentary vote to support an invasion that the bastards want.  We are always the cretins who handle the political narrative and hand a carte blanche to the Americans to kill millions of innocent civilians in dozens of countries.  Theresa May and the Satanists’ plan to destroy Syria is  now looking like political mincemeat.  Good riddance!

However Labour’s tax plans look scary.  Their sexual and social politics looks horrific.  We just don’t need all that crap, sexualising children, fragmenting our society and so on.  Much as we need an end to the Conservatives and Theresa May,  I still hesitate to actually desire Corbyn.

The only manifesto that looks even one quarter intelligent, in my opinion, is UKIP’s.  UKIP for decades went into General Election with hopeless manifestos, basing their pitch entirely on getting Brexit, which has always been popular, and is now the choice of the majority.   With Brexit supposedly a done deal (is it?  The Conservatives will no doubt backslide if they get a big majority.  Another reason we need to wipe Theresa May’s majority), this time UKIP have come up with a superbly thought out manifesto.

Of course not all the items within are approved of by me.   Fracking is still there, albeit they promise to respect environmental concerns.  They (especially dear old Roger Helmer MEP, energy spokesman) don’t get it.  Fracking is nothing to do with cheaper gas.  It’s all to do with more expensive water.  Once Britain’s underground and other fresh water reserves are contaminated, which fracking will achieve, we will be dependent on water imports.  Getting a tiny reduction in natural gas prices will be as nothing to seeing the price of water rise by a factor of ten, and have to be imported.  That is the plan of the oil industry – to replace oil as their big earner with water, as technology makes so-called fossil fuels uneconomic.

Our local UKIP candidate in Shrewsbury is Suzanne Evans, who wrote the manifesto.  If Labour are pulling level with the Tories,  I’ll probably give her a vote, as Corbyn with a majority is almost as worrying as the Conservatives having one.

OK she, Suzanne, and Nigel Farage are deadly enemies.  Politics isn’t about one party, and certainly not one person.  That said it would be wonderful to find Nigel Farage in the House Of Commons as soon as possible.  Maybe he’ll get another crack at Thanet South, once the Conservative overspend is proven, and the election result overturned.  That will be another great political moment.


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