Trey Gowdy Had One Message For Donald Trump Before He Became President

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Published on Jun 3, 2017

Trey Gowdy Had One Message For Donald Trump Before He Became President

This is what Trey Gowdy said to Donald Trump one day before the election
trey gowdy told this to a group of woman during a speech about president trump one day before the election! something I thought the people would enjoy I upload things that are not brand new news once and awhile because I upload things that interest me on the channel! this is trey gowdy one day before the election talking about what he wants to see donald trump do if elected and that is not to mess with the attorney general and keep promises, trey gowdy smashes people in congress all the time but this was just a backroom speech for trey gowdy’s women only group, this is news today and news in politics and breaking news and latest news for trey gowdy news this segment was featured on fox news and cnn jason chaffetz even commented on this at one point, trey gowdy like a boss and trey gowdy crushes people will be coming soon in congress when he grills fbi director again , all this russia talk and so much negativity in the news that I from time to time want to show you guys things that are positive and encouraging speeches from trey gowdy 2017 and 2016 trey is most remembered for his dealings with hillary clinton and leaks to the president that people are accusing trump of russia collusion and putin back channels that trey gowdy is now investigating I will bring you the most I can from these events and hearings in the future trey gowdy is now dealing with cia fbi and us usa intelligence on his alert committees new trey gowdy news will be here when he appears!

original air date: nov 7th 2016


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  1. alison says:

    This man, Trey Gowdy, is an example to us all.

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