Things the BBC are not telling you


1. The General Election votes were counted by a private company whose UK director is a Tory MP, which causes a CONFLICT OF INTEREST and grounds for calling a new election

2. The DUP party in Northern Ireland restrict schoolchildren from learning about dinosaurs because ‘they are not in the Bible’

3. Finsbury Park Mosque is the place where one of the 911 World Trade Centre bombers was radicalised

4. Finsbury Park Mosque is the place where Mr Reid, the SHOE BOMBER was radicalised

5. Finsbury Park Mosque had HOOK HANDED HAMZA as its leader and he was married to a Catholic stripper and worked as a bouncer in a Soho nightclub

6. Finsbury Park Mosque is the place where one of the CHARLIE HEBDO attackers was trained

7. Grenfell Tower victims say the £5,000 compensation from the government is not sufficient to cover the costs of funerals and building a new life. Even though the council promised to re-house people locally, they have been offering homes in Manchester and Cambridge.


Christopher Everard


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  1. ian says:

    State broadcasting at it’s most obvious. The ministry of truth. I feel sure that the reason we need to pay a TV licence to fund the bbc is so we might feel inclined to watch it. I watch hardly any TV less than half an hour a week.

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