The western war on terrorism is a total lie


Jun 7, 2017 by Adam Garrie


Where are the sympathetic hashtags? Is anyone in the west ‘praying for Iran’ today?


If an ordinary person had a penny for every time a western politician spoke about the pressing need to ‘combat international terrorism’, that ordinary person could likely afford to live in the kind of highly secure housing that generally affords protection against terrorism.

In reality, people around the world are increasingly subject to the kind of Salafist terrorism that the west has spent decades cultivating, funding, arming and politically supporting.

The terrorists blamed for today’s deadly attack on the heart of Iran are the same ISIS who are blamed for atrocities around western cities.

But don’t expect the Eiffel Tower, Brandenburg Gate or Empire State Building to be lit up in the colours of the Iranian flag this evening.

A similar silence among western cities was observed when earlier this year, a Salafist terrorist bombed the St. Petersburg Metro.

But why is this? Are Iranians and Russians some how less human than those in London or Paris? Are terrorists who destroy innocent people in Iran and Russia not the same savages who do so elsewhere?

The answer is that the west doesn’t even generally take the time to answer such questions as it does not suit the prevailing narrative nor does it suit a political agenda to demonise Russia and Iran.

For people who live their lives questioning less, it would be an inconvenient twist of the narrative for people to learn that Russia and Iran are not only on the correct side of history battling against ISIS, al-Qaeda the FSA and other terrorist groups in Syria, but that when they can, these groups also target and inflict damage upon locations in Russia and Iran.

No one is even going so far as to suggest that one must agree with a country’s foreign policy in order to condemn a terrorist atrocity, although agreeing with fighting terrorism shouldn’t really be difficult. After all, both Russia and Iran condemned the terrorist attack on London and urged western leaders to join an actual anti-terrorist coalition.

Predictably, the west did not listen. What is almost as unfortunate though is that average people in western countries who might only tangentially follow the news, are victims to some of the worst disinformation in modern memory.

Not only do people not realist that Russia, Syria and Iran are dead set against ISIS and fight it every day, but they are victims of the aggression of the monsters they are killing on the field of battle.

Hashtags, profile pictures on social media draped in a country’s flag and lights of national colours on monuments do not really mean anything at all. However, their absence is indicative of which countries the west seeks to ignore, diminish, slander, scapegoat and demonise.

If there was a real war on terror in the west, there would be unequivocal condemnation of terrorist atrocities no matter where they are committed.

In reality, selective sympathy is really just a mask for the fact that not only do western countries arrogantly not care about victims of terrorism in Iran, Syria, Russia or Philippines, they are not even taking the necessary measures to protect their own citizens. The ‘chosen few’ in the west, aren’t even particularly chosen by their own failed leaders.



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