The biggest threat to the New World Order is the political awakening of the masses

That’s a quote from zbigniew brzezinski, who died this week.

Ian Crane has some very interesting things to say about the forthcoming election.

He’s talking today at 3pm on UKColumn, his own Facebook page, which will be on Youtube by tonight.

Now is the time to awaken, he says.

OK Ian you’ve persuaded me.  I was going to vote UKIP, but Labour it must be.

Crane’s take.

Is Corbyn a psy-op to get rid of Theresa May, and bring faster collapse in the UK, forcing us to go begging back to the EU?


But who will replace her? She might not last long after a poor election result. Crane thinks he knows who’s being groomed next.

He’ll be revealing this and more during his daily broadcasts at 3 pm during election week.

UK government debt. £1.5 trillion in 2015. Up 70% under the Tories. Despite austerity. Now approaching 90% of GDP.

If Conservatives get back in, austerity will accelerate, and the privatisation of the NHS.  Arms sales to Saudi.  More Middle East wars.

Maybe better to vote Labour, he is suggesting to stop the assault on our people, and the world by the ‘elites’ = parasites.

Non-voters are one third of the electorate – 34%.  Only 24% of the electorate voted Conservative.  The social fabric of Britain is being destroyed because one third don’t vote allowing the Tories in.

Independents would be ideal but as yet, we don’t get any independents being elected.

This election people need to vote with their head, says Crane.  The establishment clearly don’t want Jeremy Corbyn.  The media attacks on Corbyn speak volumes.

He won’t find it easy to get his agenda if he is elected.

The biggest obstacle to one world government is the political awakening of the masses.

The British people to become politicised, holding MP’s to the fire.

Corbyn’s saying he will ban fracking, save the NHS and stop the austerity depriving people of basic human needs, stop the wars.

Corbyn has to be given a chance.

And this from a lifelong Conservative/UKIPPER!


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  1. Aldous says:

    The LibLabContrick aka the LibLabConspiracy. ONE party with three names.

    Of course you could add a plethora of other pointless political entities to the LibLabCon list which are nothing more than the same controlled opposition. As Lenin infamously said: “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

    Also, the very names of these political parties is now nothing more than a sick joke. What exactly are the Conservative Party actually conserving? How on earth can Labour claim to represent the Working Class? The Liberal Democrats are democratic as long as one is an anything-goes liberal mental illness.

    Time to re-charge my glass. Out.

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