Ole Dammegard – Was Grenfell Tower more or less empty? Why so few deaths? 22nd July he forecasts another terror event.


24th June 2017.  The Real Deal.  Ole Dammegard gives an interview giving his overview of word events.  They’re speeding up the number of attacks, to keep people disorientated, to increase the fear and insecurity.  Target are NATO members.  Transportation targets.  Communication targets.  It’s the Europe Spring, like the Arab Spring.  They can’t trigger revolutions here in Europe, so they have to take us from the outside.  In most attacks, no one gets hurt.  The fire in England was flagged in earlier attacks, but unfortunately Ole could not predict it in time.

The use of trucks in attacks presages the future arrival of fully automated trucks, and there are clues of the next attack in each attack.  A Dortmund football team backpack was visible on one of the people.

Ariane Grande concert discussed.  21,000 people at the concert.  No one recorded an explosion out of such a big number.

Ole believes the whole stadium was empty on the night apart from crisis actors.  Only crisis actors were there.  The parking lot was empty.  They closed the gate early and told people it was sold out.

The psychology of karma the perpetrators believe in, makes them use poor props and very obvious things that show the events are false.  That places the karma on to our shoulders for being too stupid to realise we are being duped.  Real firefighters and police are told not to attend the disasters, as there are acting police and fir fighters being used.

Details of The Queen’s visit to the Ariana Grande victims shown.  Patients in bed wearing own clothes.  Details of the funerals being bogus, people laughing.  ITN always the production company – not ITV.

The victims.  People go missing around these things.

They collect blood ( even when there are no victims).

IDs are always on the suicide bombers.  ISIS take responsibility.

He picks up details of the van and the Borough Market attack.  Van seen crossing bridge in both directions more than once.  Many inconsistencies.  One girl badly hurt, it appears. Multiple nationalities in victims.  All witnesses connected to media of different kinds.  Victims’ families asking why they are not allowed to see the bodies.  They are getting more brutal and killing real people now.  National identity targets – like Notre Dame in Paris.

Same people cropping up across different operations.  They can’t stop themselves laughing when they know they’re lying.  Photos that don’t stack up analysed.

Use of buses to hide the set up.  Police caught on camera changing from Police clothes into khaki pants, then overalls.  Not aware being filmed.  Being tall vehicles.  Beard looks false.

Manchester – the picture of victims was all of middle aged men.

Grenfell Tower was flagged by KE11 NXT number plate on a vehicle which was filmed at London.  KE = Kensington.  W11.  That was the only clue given.

As regards Grenfell, where are all the bodies?  58 listed as victims time of video.  Where are the 500 others?

Ole believes these buildings were possibly more or less empty.  Strange posters nearby of Union Jack in flames.


A man fell over prior to van attack on ground.  A crowd gathered around him, just in time for the van to arrive.  A real hit.  Footage look real.  But it was organised.  Rental van with product placement.  Who was filming?  Many details.

22nd day of the month.  Anniversaries of earlier ops.  22nd July Robbie Williams will be performing at the Olympia Stadium, same area as they have controlled many times before. Artists becoming a more regular target.  Airports.  Train stations.  Use of buses to block view, close off areas.


crisis-solutions.com work with NC4 to carry out these operations.  Bel Pottinger – fake documentaries etc.  Crisis Cast.  Pyrotechnics.  Film crews.  Many more details.

crisis-solutions has an Australian subsidiary.




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  1. NPP says:

    The housing Minister just had a car-crash interview on BBC R4 Today.
    01 He does not know how many people lived in Grenfell.
    02 He does not know how many people they are relocating.
    03 He sounded astonishingly evasive and or incompetent.

    At the least it is very strange.

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