People are sharing this video of Boris Johnson telling opponent to ‘get stuffed’ in response to fire cuts


2 days ago by Jessica Brown


Among the politicians sharing their sympathy for the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire yesterday, Boris Johnson’s tweet has received an angry reception.

He tweeted:


People have very good memories – and Johnson’s previous role as Mayor of London has seemingly come back to haunt him.




During his time as Mayor of London, Mr Johnson’s cuts in 2014 led to the closure of 10 fire stations and the loss of 552 firefighter jobs. This followed on from an eight per cent reduction in fire staff between 2007 and 2012.

At the time, Labour Assembly leader Andrew Dismore raised the issue of these cuts during a meeting at City Hall.

The member asked:

How can cutting fire stations, cutting fire engines and cutting firefighters post not be a reduction in fire cover? You’ve lied to the people of London.

Johnson’s reply was telling him to “get stuffed”.

Here’s the clip people are re-sharing online in the wake of the disaster yesterday:


3 Responses to “People are sharing this video of Boris Johnson telling opponent to ‘get stuffed’ in response to fire cuts”

  1. ian says:

    I don’t think it was the cuts to fire services, more the addition of napalm panels to the building and the protocol requiring the residents to sit tight in their flat with a damp cloth. I remember reading that Joan d’ark kept repeating the word Jesus as she burned to death. I can empathise with that, and I’m atheist.

  2. sovereigntea says:

    Bullingdon creep Johnson spent £322,000 quid on water canon. Why didn’t he buy one of these for the fire brigade ? They can be quickly delivered on the back of a lorry, unloading one takes seconds. This would reach to about the 15th floor potentially saving the mother of the baby that was saved by throwing it out of the 10th floor window.

    The Grenfell Tower 24-storey, 67-metre (220 ft) high

    The Genie SX 180 is one of the highest reaching self-propelled boom lifts in the world, this MEWP has a working height of 56 metre or 186 feet and a working outreach out of 24.38 metres or 80 feet.

    The Genie SX 180 MEWP is designed and built to safely and quickly lift operators to the work face offering new work at height solutions for applications in the oil and gas industries, commercial construction and industrial construction and maintenance.

    Boris Johnson’s water cannon up for sale after £322,000 spend… Evening Standard

  3. NPP says:

    This is an extraordinary Twitter clip. You’d think that kills any chance of PM Johnson.

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