People are comparing the Grenfell victims fund with the £369m Buckingham Palace refurbishment



2 hours ago by Greg Evans


In the wake of the Grenfell Tower tragedy earlier this week, Prime Minister Theresa May has pledged a £5-million fund to help the victims.

However, many have been criticising the fund, which is intended to provide survivors left with nothing.

Many users have decided to compare the £5 million Grenfell fund with the £369-million expected to be spent on a refurbishment of Buckingham Palace, over a 10-year period.


Back in November, it was confirmed that the Palace would be given the expensive facelift, which would come from a 66% increase in the Sovereign Grant – the funding for the monarchy and their official duties.

Members of the public were not impressed with the news and set up a petition stating that the Royal Family should foot the bill themselves.

The Queen and Prince William visited victims of the fire on Friday, fuelling further criticism of PM Theresa May’s response to the disaster.


It should also be pointed out that the refurbishment of the Palace of Westminster has an estimated cost of £3.5 to £3.9 million, and is likely to take around six years to complete.

It is true that the amounts of money differ hugely, but it must be pointed out that both are intended for hugely different purposes over different time frames.


2 Responses to “People are comparing the Grenfell victims fund with the £369m Buckingham Palace refurbishment”

  1. sovereigntea says:

    People should also consider the diabolical treasonous activities of the MOD and FCO spending billions on training terrorists and handing control of our military to the EU along with DFID and the foreign aid budget. Oh and the billions the UK govt of occupation gives to the E. Last but not least the billions given to the gobshite liars and collaborators at the kiddy fiddling BBC..

    Compared to that lot Queenie’s pad comes in cheap.

    Yet Lizzie “the silent monarch” may still have a chance to redeem herself in the public eye. As head of the armed forces she might give our military the order to arrest and charge every collaborating traitor and criminal in parliament, the civil service, intelligence services and media.

    Should we hold our breath ?

  2. Bigmoo says:

    Beautifully said.

    Peace to you.

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