Nuclear attack on Seattle being pre-advertised by Zionist media

The tower could only go on fire as it did if it had been prepared for that purpose.

Why was the A40 closed?  It blocked the whole of North London.  Yet this block is nowhere near the A40.

It’s all to create trauma, stress and worse.  It’s all part of the stirring up towards war.

He makes predictions using the cover of the Economist 2017, about Seattle being the target for a missile.  It’s being referenced by various media, as the Illuminati tends to do before striking with false flag attack.  Interesting video.  They always pre-advertise what they will do next.  And mock the public.  The movie The Dark Tower and other things shown predicting the Grenfell Flats fire.  Seattle nuclear missile is on its way.



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  1. sovereigntea says:

    A40 / Westway is a short distance from the tower. Likely closed to prevent rubberneckers from crashing into each other. Use a map !

    • ian says:

      possibly S’, probably even. I still find the whole thing surreal. It appears that it was radiant heat from the burning cladding which ignited all the flats and effective it was too with flames spreading up and burning plastic running down, a recipe for disaster that was pre-known. Looks likely to me that the gentrification he mentions is a likely reason as it was in pudding lane in 1666.

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